Monster Party - - My take on the movie with spoilers!

At first glance, the poster for Monster Party seems innocuous. Bright blue skies, a woman in a red dress, a man in a suit, a fancy car... Then you notice the blood splattered on the white shirt of the man standing next to the woman, and you notice the subdued emotion of the other woman in the background.
But this is merely a tame depiction of the theme of the movie.
Something dangerous is going to happen the minute the first scene sets in.
The mother is cutting vegetables, the father has gotten out of bed in his slippers, the son is working out, the daughter, is walking outside when she notices something that shocks her.
We will never know what she must have seen.
In the next scene, we are introduced to three people: Dodge, Iris and Casper. They head over to a house, and while Dodge and Casper break into it and the safe, Iris stands out as lookout and feigns to be an advocate for rainforest preservation.
When the family arrives, Iris stalls them by pretending to ask for donations while Casper and Dodge make a clean getaway.
Later on, we witness their back stories. Iris and Dodge are pregnant and steal so they can provide for the baby. Casper's father is in debt and the strip club owner has him bound. Casper has to pay back $10,000 or his father will be killed.
Casper convinces Iris to help him get into the house she is waitressing in. She's reluctant because the Dawson's are nice people according to her. She gives in because she has her baby ho think of as well.
At the house, we meet the family from the first scene. They seem sweet, except for the son who keeps hitting on Iris and makes obscene comments.
The party begins, the trio are in uniform and have done a recon of the house. The guests arrive and seem odd. Still, you can put a finger on what makes them obnoxious, and temperamental.
The party held is the reason why they are all here. They've been sober for three years now. Are they alcoholics, drug addicts...?
The son shows Dodge the bathroom when he's almost caught sitting in front of the camera. He insists Dodge shows him his hand. When he declines, the son brings out a knife and cuts off Dodge's hand.
It is then revealed in an intercut that the party was held for murder addicts. All of them are cold blooded killers.
Dodge is slayed and Iris falls into shock. She shows true grit as she manages to dodge the murderous guests.
The woman in the yellow dress does mouth 'help me' when she enters and you wonder if you imagined it and what could she possible want. She finds a knife and kills herself.
Was she forced into becoming sober? Was she a killer as well? Her story is untold.
Casper locks himself in a room and demands $100,000. Iris is saved by the daughter who reveals she wants out as well.
Casper and Iris have no choice but to trust her.
But hells breaks loose as the others can't control themselves after seeing blood. More people are killed, as well as the man in the suit who was their sponsor, their leader and one who had saved them from going to jail.
The trio find a samurai sword which Casper takes hold of. But the Dawson's have another secret in their collection room of organs and other trophies taken from their victims.
The family also consists of a deformed man who has no control at all and is hardly human. He attacks Casper but Iris saves hi. However, he bites into Iris' neck and she dies. Casper uses the sword to slice the man's head.
Outside, he slices the father's abdomen and we see his intestines spilling out.
Casper and Alexis think they have gotten away.
Except the crazy brother is still around. He knocks them both out and they find themselves tied to a chair on opposite sides of a pool. They have to cut each other's rope in a minute or he kills them both.
Alexis cuts the rope and we don't see a knife in Casper's hand.
He falls in and seconds later, Alexis is thrown in as well.
The son turns around and the six year sober mother has no choice but to stand him, which she does without remorse.
She jumps in to save the two and offers Casper money and a car to stay quiet.
Casper heads straight to the strip club, and now that he's murdered a couple of people, he starts slicing through whoever stands in his way.
The boss gets it as well.
In the end, the father, all beaten up, stares at his son and Casper finally drops the sword.
The movie had some intense, and bloody scenes. The reveal too, of the family's terrifying secret is unfolded well.

Scare scale: 4/5


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