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2016 just around the corner!

My new book is here!!!

The Ensnared, now available on Amazon!

Are we really progressing into the new year?

I really want to say that we are progressing into the new year, I really do. I want to say that people have moved past all prejudices that have plagued the last few centuries. I want to believe that people who fought for equality for all races and gender, actually won. But I don't think I would ever be able to say that much less believe it. This year has been a year where the truths behind some peoples' smiling masks have been revealed. They were not what they seemed. The people who cheered these heroes were the ones who flung mud on them. Freedom of speech is not supposed to give you the freedom to voice your opinion, but the freedom to express spite against people who don't agree with us. We were all led to believe that religion, race and gender don't matter- what matters is how a person behaves with us and in any situation. That was never true. At the end, it all came down to who speaks the loudest, but not the truth and who can buy off people to agree with them. It…

Season's Greetings!


December is here!

The year is coming to an end! Just one more month to go and all I can think of is about all the things I achieved and didn't, this year. A lot of obstacles faced, a few problems sorted out, plenty of regrets and finally, not too much writing because of it. 
I did finish two manuscripts and currently working on a third. Is that enough? 
Celebrated the new month by watching a horror movie- As above, so below. Pretty creepy!!!