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Happy Halloween!!!

Celebrate Halloween by reading my new short story 'Incandescence' for free!!!

Link: Incandescence by Palvi Sharma

Also, two of my horror novels are available on paperback.

1) The Ensnared

2) Forest of the Dark 

The Return

Finally! After two months, my new short story 'The Return' finally made it to the premium catalog on Smashwords. I've never had problems getting it published before, but this time I couldn't imagine what was wrong with the document that was stopping it from getting a tick of approval.

Anyway, yesterday I formatted the whole thing and finally, finally, finally! It was approved for Premium!

So relieved that my story will be available on other platforms.

It's not exactly a horror story, rather a thriller and a window to inner conflicts within a person that can make them question what is moral and what is not.

Check it out here: THE RETURN 

Imaginary conversations

The best conversations I've had so far, have been with myself. I can talk about everything and anything. I have the liberty to be assertive and argue, then be acquiescent. There are times when my ponderings take me to places I've never set foot on. Sunsets turn into nights and I'm still wandering and wondering. Lost in my thoughts, and sorting out all the tangles, I sometimes forget that I've also subconsciously observed my surroundings. Its such a complex process getting lost in thoughts and ideas. As for the colorful conversations, sometimes I wonder if writers have the minds of amad person. They are after all writing imaginary conversations of two or more characters, but they all come from the same mind. So are writers continuously and relentlessly, having imaginary conversations with themselves? One agrees, one disagrees, the other remains quiet, trying to decide which side to take. It's exactly how discussions happen in our minds when we have to make a decisio…

Don't Breathe- My take on the movie with spoilers

How complicated are human beings! There are so many layers, good between the bad. Greed intertwined with kindness. Bravery, when we thought we were cowards.Our own emotions and reactions can surprise us. In fiction however, as an audience we expect characters to behave in a certain way, once their nature is established beforehand.
The introduction of each character is portrayed in such a way that we immediately decide to either support the character or boo him whenever he's on screen.So when a movie such as Don't Breathe comes along, it shakes up all archetypical notions we have about watching fiction.At first glance, watching three thieves rob a blind veteran's compensation money, seems really mean. How awful it seems that people can stoop to such a level. The poor guy was blinded in the army, then has his daughter killed in an accident. He receives compensation for that only for him to turn into a target for robbers.Except, this guy isn't what he seems. Not only does…

Just a thought

Sometimes I wonder if I've chosen the right titles for my books...Hmm.. then I think that no other title could justify the content of my stories. Just thoughts passing through my idle mind today.