Don't Breathe- My take on the movie with spoilers

How complicated are human beings! There are so many layers, good between the bad. Greed intertwined with kindness. Bravery, when we thought we were cowards.

Our own emotions and reactions can surprise us. In fiction however, as an audience we expect characters to behave in a certain way, once their nature is established beforehand.
The introduction of each character is portrayed in such a way that we immediately decide to either support the character or boo him whenever he's on screen.

So when a movie such as Don't Breathe comes along, it shakes up all archetypical notions we have about watching fiction.

At first glance, watching three thieves rob a blind veteran's compensation money, seems really mean. How awful it seems that people can stoop to such a level. The poor guy was blinded in the army, then has his daughter killed in an accident. He receives compensation for that only for him to turn into a target for robbers.

Except, this guy isn't what he seems. Not only does he adeptly defend himself, he also shows his taste of vengeance and madness by kidnapping and impregnating the girl who was responsible for his daughter's death.
When one of the robbers tries to free the poor tied up girl, you are left to rethink your loyalties towards the characters.
Now the blind guy, doesn't seem like such a victim and you don't feel sorry for him.
What follows is a chilling twist where the robbers have to fight to survive.
As with all slasher/hunted movies- the hunter doesn't die. He survives the attack from the robber, is portrayed as the poor victim who was terrorized and receives pity.
The sole robber who survived is on the run. She wants to escape into a new life with the money she stole. But can she, now that she knows that the man she thought she had killed in self-defense is still alive?

Don't breathe is one of those movies that challenges all your preconceived notions. You will not know who to survive with but you will be on the edge of your seat, wondering what is going to happen next.
In this cat and mouse game, the winner is the one watching them chase each other.


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