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Goals...what are they?

Okay so after promising myself to keep my writing and walking goals everyday, I feel like I may have to rethink my goals.

The walking goal was created to maintain my fitness and even though I was tired or (slightly) sick, I managed to accomplish my 10,000 steps. Walking helped me clear my mind and focus on my writing, so I made sure I kept at it.

Now for the writing goal- that has been a little difficult to achieve. Yes, many authors advise writing at least 500 words everyday, but that can be a little challenging. I'm currently working on the climax of a novel that is perhaps going to be part of a series (haven't decided that yet) and I've planned a major cliffhanger. The problem is getting to that part and writing up believable dialogues that would lead to that event.

So today, while I tried to reach my goals, I decided that it I'll have to give myself a day off every now and then. It doesn't help that I'm sick today and had to drag my feet to accomplish my w…

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Yesterday I was a bit disappointed with myself for practically dragging myself through my goals. Her is what I attempt every day:

Writing goal: at least 500 words

Walking goal: 10, 000 steps

While I could somewhat manage my walking goal, writing five hundred words was a bit of a challenge for me considering the current plot of my new story. All I could manage was a meager two hundred words and none of the work I had done, took the story forward.

Today was different however. I managed my five hundred words and wrote the dreaded action scene, thus taking the story forward. As for my walking goal....reached that as well!!!

Let's see if tomorrow I can make it as well (fingers crossed).

For the sake of humanity

In times of adversity, the first thought that springs to mind is that there is so much evil and violence in this world and perhaps there is nothing to counter the people who are the cause of all this. It is easy to lose hope in all of humanity especially when news about tragic events around the world are reported.
There are some genuine journalists who report the event sincerely, then there are those who take advantage of the situation and use it to increase their ratings by being melodramatic. There are others who will try to connect a tragedy in one country to a situation in another country to perpetuate more pandemonium.
However, it is when people start to comment on these stories is when one wonders if there is any humaneness in the world. The comments range from terrifyingly racist to uneasy indifference and the ones who are actually mortified by the mindless violence caused by terrorists, get caught up in spewing their rigid opinions and exchanging rude words with others.

What has the world come to?

As a writer of fiction, my work predominantly consists of creating distinctive characters that move my story forward. There’s the hero, the conventional sidekicks, the supporting characters and the villains who keep posing obstacles in everyone’s path. Each one must be different from the other.
While it’s easier to write about the hero struggling to come to terms with her destiny and the circumstances that will lead her to it, the problem always comes to writing the part of the villain. Here’s the thing: as humans, we all have something or the other going on, something that makes us fall and then get up again. Writing a character similar to us and making them heroes in a way is the easy part, it is when you have to write someone who is dissimilar to you is when the problem begins.
When Stephen Kind wrote ‘Rose Madder’ he was able to create a character like Norman- an abusive husband and a demented man- so convincingly that it was eerie. I had actual goosebumps when I read the sto…

How my novel 'Aadita' came about

When I first started work on my manuscript, the story (then titled ‘Winter’s Lake’) was going in a completely different direction. The story wasn’t going to be as dark as it turned out and the lead character, Raina wasn’t going to suffer as much trauma as she eventually did.
The story was going to endure a paranormal theme but the drama component wasn’t going to feature as much as it did in the final draft.
As I mentioned before, ‘Aadita’ took a long time for me to finish writing. The process began as a passion to write a compelling story and ultimately became something of a catharsis for me.
The year that I began to write the book was when I was still motivated with creating new stories. It was a time when I had yet to learn some hard truths about life in general. There was always so much going on around me, but I wasn’t oblivious to it. No, I knew there were terrible things happening all around, but I thought they would never invade my life.
The stories that I read as a chi…

A Writer's Challenge

As a writer, my only challenge is never just about encountering problems while writing out my story. There isn't just a writer's block to overcome or a plot hole to dismiss so that my story flows smoothly. There are characters to build, different personalities to bestow upon them and making sure their character arc is consistent.

However, the real challenge starts right after the manuscript is completed and the story has to be sent out. That is when the difficulties begin. A writer must send in their best work. No matter how talented a writer is, while submitting, we must become our own editors and look for any misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, etc that will make our manuscripts look amateurish.

Then there is the agonizing wait until the manuscript is accepted. If not, the manuscript has to be taken another look over and then sent to another batch of publishers. So many many's easy to get lost and more seriously, to lose confidence. The…

Truth be Told

It's not always easy to tell the truth. As tempting as it is to tell someone the reality of what really happened, sometimes the truth is the one thing that can wreak disastrous consequences. Unloading your heart from the weight of a pressing matter may be an act of selfishness especially when that very information can cause extreme distress on the other person. 
The truth is then must be stashed away deep within the chambers of the heart and the key thrown away. However truth has a way of coming out, it's rather vicious head will find a way to erupt from its confines. 
That's the thing about being truthful- making this paramount decision on whether being honest at the moment is better than letting things and facts come out on their own. Often it is the latter that seems more effective. 
Truth is, we live in a time when secrets are best kept in deep pools where they can never surface. Many people can't either digest the truth or can't put their faith in this one person…

Happy Women's Day!

If asked, what it is like to be a woman, the answer would be perplexing to answer. Men and women are both humans, both capable of emotions and both definable by their actions- yet there has always been an invisible divide that somehow makes women seem like a different species. 
The truth is that a woman is many things with many layers. She can be sweet, caring, strong and even capable of doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. That is one version of a woman...the other is how women are deemed in society. 
Despite the age and progress made in science, technology, etc. The one thing that remains constant is that women are supposed to behave in a certain manner. She can have a job or career, but at the end of the day, she should be able to cook a meal, keep the house clean and yes, make whatever sacrifices she can. 
She is expected to give away the last morsel of food even if she is hungry to someone who is still peckish, she has to share the last bit of her possessions with just abo…