Truth be Told

It's not always easy to tell the truth. As tempting as it is to tell someone the reality of what really happened, sometimes the truth is the one thing that can wreak disastrous consequences. Unloading your heart from the weight of a pressing matter may be an act of selfishness especially when that very information can cause extreme distress on the other person. 

The truth is then must be stashed away deep within the chambers of the heart and the key thrown away. However truth has a way of coming out, it's rather vicious head will find a way to erupt from its confines. 

That's the thing about being truthful- making this paramount decision on whether being honest at the moment is better than letting things and facts come out on their own. Often it is the latter that seems more effective. 

Truth is, we live in a time when secrets are best kept in deep pools where they can never surface. Many people can't either digest the truth or can't put their faith in this one person who has shown courage to come forth and be honest. So where does this leave the virtuous? 

Secrets are what protects us sometimes. They keep us at an advantageous position. We are given control of the situation. Once the truth is out, the consequences are immediate and it may or may not affect us in any way. At the end of the day, self-preservation is what we most count on. 

It is what helps us combat the hardships of everyday lives. By holding onto the truth, we are able to protect ourselves from things that could destroy what little we have left. 


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