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Ma— My take on the movie with spoilers!

I once read somewhere that your time in High School is when you have the time of your life. I chuckled at that. Contrary to how high school is portrayed in movies, teenage years have got to be the most frustrating and agonizing time in anyone's life. You go through changes, your body goes through changes. Your friends become your enemies. The guy you were friends with now has a crush on you. On top of everything, there's the ever maximizing pressure of exams, and your parents' expectations regarding your performance in every field. So, no. High School is when you have to grow up suddenly. Not completely, yet. That comes after college when suddenly taking exams seems like cakewalk. Okay, now imagine if you will, that while going through all these changes in your teenage life, you also get bullied. I think at some point, everyone has been on either side of bullying. Either you have been bullied or were the bully. For bullying victims, things often become complicated after s…