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Writer's Problems pt 2

Every once in a while you come across a situation that tears up all of your beliefs and everything that made you, you. At that point, all I can ever think of is that I'll never recreate that situation in any of my stories because I want to write fiction that entertains and gives hope. The real world and real people can sometimes be so disappointing. Thankfully there are books. The closest I ever came to mirroring a personal circumstance in my book was AADITA. It was about one of those things that is prevalent and something that must be abolished and replaced with equality and respect. The story doesn't bear any semblance to my personal life, just to be clear. After realizing that it was too exhausting and painful to write exaggerated incidents of my problems, I decided never to wander that path again. No more "realistic" fiction for me ever again. Now, I'm all about mystical things and mysterious circumstances and ghosts that have a story to tell. I'…

TUBELIGHT - My take on the movie with spoilers

Kya tumhe yakeen hai? Yes, I do believe... that the movie could have been a lot better. Tubelight is a movie that you can see from the very first glance, that it was made in haste and therefore it lacks the very backbone of every movie- a solid story. Had the movie been condensed into a ninety minute film for example, it would have worked. The message is motivational for sure, but it gets dragged out until its purpose becomes ineffective. By the second half, you're tired and can't wait for the obvious conclusion. The story takes you back in the 1960s to a small town called Jagatpur. It's an ideal village where two loving brothers live, one of whom is a bit slow and therefore ridiculed by the townsfolk and called Tubelight. The brothers dance around, have only each other and have little to get by. Nevertheless, both of them sport beefed up bods and look like they can take on the whole village when challenged. So it's not exactly believable to see Salman Khan b…

Exclusive chapter from FOREST OF THE DARK

From Chapter Eleven 

The cracking sounds of bones resonated in the thick cold night air. Aksh watched the girl in front of him wriggle in her own skin. He was reminded of a snake shedding its skin—a sight he had not been able to forget when he had watched it on the science channel. The girl who had been missing for two years and whose disappearance had been riddled with conspiracies, was in front of him struggling with a demon inside her. Her bones was moving visibly in her body and her mouth opened for a scream, but he heard nothing. “Help me!” She managed once, before her face morphed into that of a wolf. Aksh stepped back, wanting to run away from the horrifying sight but too stumped to do anything else but watch her be tormented. She collapsed to the ground, wriggling and fighting. Her arm raised, she was beckoning him, but he wouldn’t move. “I’m sorry,”He mumbled and raised his foot to walk away when she let out a scream- a human one. “You took a Hippocratic oath,”She gasped. “How do …

Writer's Problems pt 1

Accused of being verbose and sometimes superfluous in my writing, I've become a little timid while writing descriptions of my characters and settings.
Now I've come to realize that moderation is required in order to make my story come off as effective and interesting. I'm working on a new story, and for once I'm confused whether to take the paranormal route (the genre I'm excited and interested in) or take the mystery route- a genre I've only recently begun experimenting with. Both have their own challenges. Except, in a mystery I have to be careful about facts whereas in paranormal, I can flex and distort facts to the advantage of my story. I suppose in this case, I'll let the story take me forward and see what it wants to say to me rather than what I want it to say.

The Belko Experiment- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Two minutes into this movie, and you’ll no longer be sitting comfortably in your seat. The opening scene shows the bustling city of Bogota and then brings you straight to the site of the most deranged and deplorable acts that are to be committed.
It just goes to show: When it comes down to it, man will do whatever it takes to survive.
Even kill.
Belko Industries is the office situated in a remote part of the city where there are military checkpoints and where only cattle graze. They are pretty much the only living beings around for miles. In all that barbed wire and green land, there is only one structure standing tall and proud: the office building that looks ominous against the grey gloomy skies, but also looks awkwardly made by computer graphics.
The routine of these office goers are wrapped up in a few minutes, then suddenly all the doors and windows are barricaded by a strange metal that is impenetrable and somehow doesn’t heat up when a blowtorch is applied to it.

Devil's Domain - - My take on the movie with spoilers!

Devil's Domain is unnecessaryily sadistic, gory and highly disturbing. While it tackles with a prevalent issue among high school kids- bullying, self harming, eating disorders- it also makes a mockery of how these problems should be sensitively handled and resolved.
The story is about Lisa, a girl still not out of the closet and who struggles with bulimia and self-harming.
At first, you almost feel sorry for the way she is treated by about twenty students in the school. I actually think that's how many actors were cast. All of them are despicable people who wish Lisa would just kill herself. I honestly can't believe such people exist and have such low regard for people that are different from them. You automatically despise those girls and you want to see the comeuppance.
However, the way it is finally shown is almost cringe-worthy and I almost switched off the movie.
Surprise, surprise, Lisa meets the devil who has a special interest in her for some reason.
The devil…