Devil's Domain - - My take on the movie with spoilers!

Devil's Domain is unnecessaryily sadistic, gory and highly disturbing. While it tackles with a prevalent issue among high school kids- bullying, self harming, eating disorders- it also makes a mockery of how these problems should be sensitively handled and resolved.
The story is about Lisa, a girl still not out of the closet and who struggles with bulimia and self-harming.
At first, you almost feel sorry for the way she is treated by about twenty students in the school. I actually think that's how many actors were cast. All of them are despicable people who wish Lisa would just kill herself. I honestly can't believe such people exist and have such low regard for people that are different from them. You automatically despise those girls and you want to see the comeuppance.
However, the way it is finally shown is almost cringe-worthy and I almost switched off the movie.
Surprise, surprise, Lisa meets the devil who has a special interest in her for some reason.
The devil is already on a killing spree but she wants Lisa's permission to kill her bullies and in return, she will grant her fame. Yes, the devil takes the form of a beautiful blonde woman in red.
Lisa is easily seduced into the life of debauchery and revenge and soon enough, her bullies are made to pay the price.
But so does Lisa. Making a deal with the devil meant there were invisible strings and she must comply with all of the devil's wishes. In this case, she wants Lisa to carry a child and give up saving the one girl she actually liked.
The minute Lisa gives in and stands watching her once best friend die in a car accident, that is when you lose all sympathy for her character.
Lisa is just the devil's pawn and you wonder if she was a tortured soul or a heinous person waiting to be unwrapped.
Soon, the devil makes her plans known and you are made to sit uncomfortably as Lisa has to watch her mother being tortured until Lisa agrees to carry the baby. She does and at this point you just shut your eyes.
The last scene shows her basking in the glory of fame, carrying her demon baby in her pram and showing absolutely no remorse for her actions.
As I  contemplated never to watch such a movie again, I had to admit the acting was decent, the scenes etched in a way that makes you cringe. All of Lisa's scenes actually, not the way the torture of her classmates are pictured. Those are plain cheesy and, as mentioned above, unnecessarily gory with people just storming in their personal spaces and ripping out spinal cords and voice boxes.
Just plain gross.
Not a movie you want to watch while eating lunch or popcorn.


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