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All about Me!!!!

The thing that I love the most? Writing!!!!

I find writing the most liberating exercise and one which helps me express my thoughts about the world I see. The amazing thing about writing and writing fiction especially, is that I have total control over the world I'm creating for my characters.

That's something I can't do in real life so writing is important to me. When I finish writing a chapter or even a whole story, I find that extremely satisfying because I feel like I have accomplished something meaningful.

I think I would be sad if I didn't get to write. Actually I would be really miserable.

And on to other things:

Age: My age doesn't matter. In fact, I don't think a person should be judged by how old that person is. It's just a number isn't it? What really counts is the experience each person faces as they go through life. That's what molds us into a person we eventually become.

Gender: I'm a woman and damn proud of it!

Favorite Books: Many. In fact I kind of prefer classics. Life seemed so simple then and problems didn't seem as complicated as they feel now.
Still if I had to pick just one, it would be Rose Madder by Stephen King. I feel it's a book every woman read so that they know that they all have it in them to stand up against cruelty and create a life for themselves.

Favorite Author:  Again if I had to pick just one it would be Stephen King for his earlier works. I envy the way he writes so freely.

Favorite Movies:

v  Hollywood: The Conjuring, Insidious, The Ring....okay most horror movies. There really aren't too many movies that have touched or inspired me. The last movie (not in the horror genre) that I actually found relatable was 'How do you know'.

v  Bollywood: Not a lot of recent stuff. Just some favorites from a couple of years back that I keep talking about on my blog, like 'Love Aaj Kal' and 'Race'.  I mean yes, there have been some entertaining movies that I enjoyed watching but they've been so forgettable.

Favorite TV shows:

Indian TV shows: Currently 'Suhaani si ek Ladki-  Mainly because the main character doesn't just keep crying in the corner. She's trying to stand up against those who plot against her and she makes it apparent that she's not giving into their lies.

English TV shows:  A lot of them because I like the variety. I love Family Guy and Modern Family. Oh and also Vampire Diaries.
Others I like. For example: Revenge, Bob's Burgers.
Then there are the classic shows like Monk, Seinfeld and the Adventures of Tinitin (the cartoon show).

What inspires me: Music!
In fact two of my stories have been inspired by songs.
'Repeated Lives' was inspired by 'In the Air Tonight'- Full Blown Rose's cover of the song.
'Broken Glass' (a short story) was inspired by 'Tere Bin' by Atif Aslam.
I do a lot of my writing while listening to music.

What scares me:

Hatred and Intolerance. It really scares me that there are people in this world whose hatred runs so deep that they are ready to hurt others. Be it about race, religion, gender, etc.- it's frightening how prejudiced some people can be to the extent that they hurt others.

People not admitting to their mistakes: This is perhaps the most important and courageous thing a person can do. Unfortunately, many don't. It's difficult to admit when you're wrong but it can be dangerous when people don't see their mistakes at all.

If you can't admit to your mistakes, you don't learn from them and keep repeating them over and over. Okay, this doesn't really scare me, but it does disappoint me when people do that.

Back to my books....

My own favorite book: Repeated Lives. That is my first young adult manuscript and perhaps that is why I adore it. Plus I enjoyed playing around with the concept of reincarnation.

The most difficult book I've written: Aadita. It's the most difficult story I worked on that took me quite a long time to complete. Some of the incidents in it are inspired by my personal experiences.
I'm actually working on another story at the moment that is also quite challenging, but that's because there is a LOT of research required to write it. One mistake and the whole story is ruined.
It doesn't include any of my personal incidents so I can write this one without it emotionally draining me.


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