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Writer's Problems pt 3

Who reads books? Unfortunately, it seems nowadays people prefer a visual medium - comics, TV shows, films - rather than the written word. Why spend days and hours reading when a story can be told in a mere two hour film? Plus, movies and TV shows do the imagining for us. We don't have to think about what the characters look like and what they will be wearing. There is background music to set the tone for the scene. A tense moment is already anticipated when a fast intense tune is being played. Actors wear dark shades of clothing when playing a gloomy scene and bright colors when there is a comedy. As viewers, we are already told beforehand through subtleties, which scene is about to be played and how we are expected to emote and react. Writing books are harder and reading even more so. A reader must rely on their imagination to interpret the scene and a writer must be eloquent enough to present the story in a way that will influence and awe. So, while I'm writing, I can…

Besetment- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Besetment is one of those movies you know from the very first frame that it was made on a very small budget. Amanda is unemployed, still living with her drunk and prurient mother and is desperate for any means to get away from her miserable life. Opportunity comes in the way of a job offer from a far away town, that Amanda immediately jumps into, all because it also offers her accommodation and that means she wouldn’t have to live with her mother.
Her meeting goes well, the owner of the hotel is a kindly old woman who has a slow son. She feeds her, her son fixes her car and the employment is celebrated with a glass of wine. All this seems a little rushed and there is an obvious glitch: How did the woman know at the very first meeting that Amanda had come for an interview? She could have been just a guest.
Nevertheless, all of it is easily forgiven as the movie progresses. There is something shady about the woman, especially since she doesn’t seem too keen in having Amanda associate wi…

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