Writer's Problems pt 3

Who reads books? Unfortunately, it seems nowadays people prefer a visual medium - comics, TV shows, films - rather than the written word. Why spend days and hours reading when a story can be told in a mere two hour film? Plus, movies and TV shows do the imagining for us. We don't have to think about what the characters look like and what they will be wearing. There is background music to set the tone for the scene. A tense moment is already anticipated when a fast intense tune is being played. Actors wear dark shades of clothing when playing a gloomy scene and bright colors when there is a comedy. As viewers, we are already told beforehand through subtleties, which scene is about to be played and how we are expected to emote and react. Writing books are harder and reading even more so. A reader must rely on their imagination to interpret the scene and a writer must be eloquent enough to present the story in a way that will influence and awe. So, while I'm writing, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to read. It's challenging being a reader when there are so many any other stimulators. There are video games to be played, movies to be watched, TV shows to be obsessed for... Then why books? What is so special about books? For writers, sometimes there is no choice. As a writer, all I can ever think about is writing the story that is feeding on my passion. There is that insane itch to write the scenes that are played in my head. It goes on and on, like a film on a loop. Every time a song comes on, and I am reminded of the story that is slowly taking shape. It's manifesting, adhered to my imagination and begging me to write it out so it would leave my system. The characters just want to have their story told. Just imagine, I must listen to these invisible people and do their bidding. Temporarily, of course. They ask me to write but then I'm the one who takes over and controls their life. Then they must do my bidding. It's the insanity, the chance to escape into a fictional world that is more of a magnet to writing than anything else. I want to write, no matter what, but how many would read? How many would like a peek into my imagination and be transported into a world where anything is possible?


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