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The Real Horror

During Halloween, many people celebrate by dressing up as their favorite characters or monsters while some watch horror movies. 
It wouldn't be wrong to assume that in many ways Halloween commemorates the horror genre and fandom. 
So just imagine, there is a festival that celebrates horror.
I think the one thing that draws people to horror stories in movies and books is that just for that one moment, we are pulled into a world where the supernatural exists and where our deepest fears are given birth. But we find solace in the fact that once the movie is over and the credits roll in or when you read the last page of a horror tale, the nightmare you were brought into, willingly, is over. And whether or not the story ends on a happy note, we are given the opportunity to walk away.
For us readers and viewers, the horror is over.However in real life, horror has many facets and all of them effect us in some way or the other. In real life, we cannot walk away or turn away from news items tha…

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