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Romance is in the air

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The Final Wish — My take on the movie with spoilers!

The first thing that comes to your mind as you watch this movie is: "Hey, didn't I see this movie before? The story seems familiar. Two years ago, wasn't there a movie with a similar theme... About a high school girl who comes across a mysterious item that grants her all her wishes?"
You will be right. The Final Wish is just like Wish Upon, only less entertaining and more ridiculous.
The things is, Wish Upon made you sort of care about a girl whose mother passed away when she was a kid. She was being bullied at school, and to top it all, to her mortification, her father was collecting junk from trash right in front of her school!
So yes, she definitely needed those wishes.
And another thing: Their wish granting box looked better.The Final Wish is about Aaron, a guy you don't really come to like. He's late on his rent, can't find a job as a lawyer, broke up with his girlfriend Lisa, and ignores his parents.
One day, when Lisa calls him to inform him of his…

Velvet Buzzsaw— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Presented with an opportunity to advance in your career, would you be willing to compromise on morality or will you stick with your conscience?
It is a perplexing dilemma. Getting promoted not only means more money, but respect and making a name for yourself too.
What do you hope to achieve from sticking to ethics?
It means you'll get to survive, especially according to the movie VELVET BUZZSAW.
The movie is ambitious, shows ambitious people, and then very terrifyingly tells you the price of deception.
The story opens with Morf taking a walk around an art gallery. He's an art critique and instantly puts down an art piece which is a robot dressed as a hobo and uttering depressing lines.
His one review sends the artwork to collect dust in a storage unit. The next piece is a giant sphere people are supposed to put their arm in.
These two pieces are necessary to the story. Why? It will all come back later.
We are shown the nitty-gritty of the art world, the games people play, the …

Knucklebones— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Years ago, when the whole world was at war, one army came up with a unique way to destroy their enemies– summon an unstoppable demon.
Of course the experiment goes horribly wrong and the demon attacks its summoners.
A few years later, we see a boy playing in the basement of a hospital just as a doctor suddenly falls and pleads for help upstairs. We hear her bones crack. In the next scene, the boy comes out of his hiding place and is shocked to see so many bodies lying about.
Again, a few years go by and we are brought to the present.
A young woman is happily bragging to anyone who cares to hear her at the fair that she is engaged.
Her happiness is shortlived when her fiance tells her the very next minute that he "wants to talk".
Unable to take this terrible turn of events, she tries to commit suicide.
She is found in time and at the hospital, her best friend Samantha promises Neesa that she will always be there for her.
Her plan to cheer up her friend: take her to an abandoned facto…

Horror Books to read: Wolfstrap

WOLFSTRAP by Maryann Paige 

Zack McCormick has a lot to be thankful for.  He has a great career and people who love him.   He believes he's finally moved past the childhood trauma of finding his mother's mutilated body.  He is wrong.  A numbing storm has gripped Greenwood Lake, New York and no one is safe.  He knows they're here to feed.  Bloody bodies litter the streets.  Screams are lost inside the wind.  He thinks this evil has been here before.  He hopes he's wrong.  Zack plans an escape with a handful of survivors, but he knows what comes out of the storm will change him forever.  He wants to run with the others, but something pulls him back.  Can he escape those that wear the Wolfstrap?
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My take: Seems like a chilling tale based on the synopsis. The first chapter sets the scene well and the horror scene is frightening. Definitely a book to check out.