Horror Books to read: Wolfstrap

WOLFSTRAP by Maryann Paige 

Zack McCormick has a lot to be thankful for.  He has a great career and people who love him.   He believes he's finally moved past the childhood trauma of finding his mother's mutilated body.  He is wrong. 
A numbing storm has gripped Greenwood Lake, New York and no one is safe.  He knows they're here to feed.  Bloody bodies litter the streets.  Screams are lost inside the wind.  He thinks this evil has been here before.  He hopes he's wrong. 
Zack plans an escape with a handful of survivors, but he knows what comes out of the storm will change him forever.  He wants to run with the others, but something pulls him back.  Can he escape those that wear the Wolfstrap?

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My take: Seems like a chilling tale based on the synopsis. The first chapter sets the scene well and the horror scene is frightening. Definitely a book to check out. 


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