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Dark Light--My take on the movie with spoilers!

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the city life and just go live in a remote place, far from everyone who keeps interfering in your life?

But what would you do for a living? Well, how about farming? Grow your own food. No need to visit groceries on a regular basis then, right?

Unfortunately, if you have a farm, that’s basically a haven for monsters and aliens. It’s okay though, if you have a shotgun stuffed somewhere in your house.

Dark Light could have pretty much been called blinding light. Seriously. The monsters or aliens or whatever they were, have huge spotlights serving as their head. And for some reason they don’t directly attack the owner of the house. They stalk for a couple of days, then get inside the house to play hide and seek.

But for anyone else, they attack almost immediately. No games there.

The story starts with Annie being interrogated by the sheriff on the disappearance of her daughter.

A flashback shows Annie moving into her childhood home with her daughter Emily after…