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Eternal Secrets

My newly released novel 'Eternal Secrets' is available at a special price only from the Club Lighthouse Publishing store.


Horror Movies watched this Month- January

I celebrated the start of this year, watching some horror movies. None of them were spectacular, but none of them were that horrible either. 
1) Charlie Charlie: An internet urban legend, becomes the premise of this movie that borders on comedy. The weakest point of this movie is the shoddy special effects. We are made to believe, that the characters in the movie are threatened and frightened by a wavy electric blue light that follows them.
2) A Room to Die for: Looking for a disturbing, gory movie? The search ends here. A broke young couple moves into a room leased by an elderly couple who have malicious intentions. What are they? They want a child. And that means, they kill everyone who comes in their path and manipulate couples into breaking up. Too many cringe-worthy moments and kind of reminded me of ‘Don't Breathe’.
3) The Axe Murders of Villisca: This is actually not a terrible movie. I was surprised by the decent plot and the acting was pretty good as well. Basically three t…

Eternal Secrets -- My new novel

It's here!!!!

My new horror/romance novel has just released.

You can find it here: ETERNAL SECRETS 

And yes, it has vampires! ;)

Firstborn- My take on the movie with spoilers

The birth of a child, is always a joyous occasion.
But for a young couple, their happiness is marred by a supernatural hereditary phenomenon where the child becomes a magnet to invisible evil entities.
Their only hope is an old woman, who unfortunately has an agenda of her own. The thing is, she too suffers from the same occurrences and visits from these dark entities, and she wants to use the couple’s child to take her place.
The mother is of course at the end of her patience. We are shown that she isn’t too thrilled about being pregnant and when she delivers a baby girl, she cannot stand the incessant crying. All this stress takes a toll on her and when she finds the family is being haunted by the entities who are attracted to her daughter, she concedes and practically gives her daughter away to the old woman.
Of course, she doesn’t realize until the very end that the old woman is crafty.
Needless to say, the father dies, succumbing to his injuries after sacrificing his l…

Coping Mechanisms

You never know what someone is going through. So be kind.
How many times have we read these words? Seen images of these on Facebook? At first read, these words mean nothing to us. What we are going through is the worst, the most complex and incomprehensible.
No one will ever understand what hardships we have to endure. Except, the saying is true. What someone else is going through, may not be easily identified and hidden behind those smiles and instagram photos, there is a sadness that you couldn’t fathom.
Yes, everyone has something that they can’t deal with but must hide behind filters on photos and smiles that hides a crushed heart. It seems no one will understand that pain, that overwhelming sadness that weighs on your chest and almost pushes you to the ground.
There is no one to turn to, to even talk with. Because deep inside, you know no one will understand. So, it is always better to keep smiling. Even when you don’t want to, you have to. Because the world judges tears…


Hope 2017 is what last year couldn't be. My wish for 2017 is for it to be the happiest, luckiest and a very peaceful year.

Also, can't wait to have more of my stories published this year.

Happy Writing!