Firstborn- My take on the movie with spoilers

The birth of a child, is always a joyous occasion.

But for a young couple, their happiness is marred by a supernatural hereditary phenomenon where the child becomes a magnet to invisible evil entities.

Their only hope is an old woman, who unfortunately has an agenda of her own. The thing is, she too suffers from the same occurrences and visits from these dark entities, and she wants to use the couple’s child to take her place.

The mother is of course at the end of her patience. We are shown that she isn’t too thrilled about being pregnant and when she delivers a baby girl, she cannot stand the incessant crying. All this stress takes a toll on her and when she finds the family is being haunted by the entities who are attracted to her daughter, she concedes and practically gives her daughter away to the old woman.

Of course, she doesn’t realize until the very end that the old woman is crafty.

Needless to say, the father dies, succumbing to his injuries after sacrificing his life to save his daughter and wife from a demon. The mother realizes her love for her daughter and understands she must be patient and tolerant to her daughter’s abilities. The film ends on a happy note, with the mother and daughter playing in a park.

Though we are shown that the daughter suffers from the same scratches the old woman did- evidence of her being touched by invisible dark forces.

The film was fairly decent. Not that it was scary, though the story did have potential to be. There were many instances that could have chilled the viewers, instead the “scare” moments were lackluster and you start wondering if you are watching a drama or a horror movie.

It’s a decent watch, all in all. The plot is interesting and innovative, but the execution is weak.


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