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Hereditary— My take on the movie with spoilers!

If you've ever caught yourself proclaiming that you liked a movie, ask yourself this: Did you like it because of the star cast, the story or the way a story was told.
There are many stories out there but when a movie is being made, when a writer's vision is brought to life, not everything goes as planned.
Sometimes movies with a great star cast will fail because at the end of the day, a good story being told well is what matters.
Storytelling is quite an art and not one perfected by many.
There are stories out there that are simply told, others try hard to insert a plot twist and end up confusing the viewer. Then there are those stories that keep you guessing till the very end and break away in such a tangent that you end up disliking the movie in spite of a decent first half.
Yes, the ending of a story is extremely important and needs to be laid out and delivered perfectly.

Hereditary is a movie that brings on the surprises when you least expect it. There are two instances you will…

Incident in a Ghostland— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Books can be amazing companions.
A boring, long journey? Pack a book. 
Bored? Read a book.
Lonely? Pick up a book.

Immersing yourself in a different world, even just for a few minutes, is relaxing.

What is even better than reading a book? Writing one.
A vivid imagination and a proclivity to create and write stories is the first step.

Incident in a Ghostland, reminded me how important books are and how the most terrible situation can be endured.

We meet two teenage sisters--Beth and Vera, on the way to live in a new house with their mother.
They are starting a new life and we are immediately shown their contrasting personalities.
Beth has a fondness for writing horror stories, Vera picks on her sister because of that but loves her.
Vera also is a brat and while on the road, shows the finger to a driver on an ice cream truck.
They reach the house and begin to settle in.
Vera confides in her mother about Beth's obsession with disappearing into her stories. This, as you will find later, is an impo…

The Incantation— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Rarely, you'll come across a movie that is perplexing, confounding, baffling, befuddling- take your pick of the adjective and you would have chosen the right adjective.
But that would hardly suffice how you would describe the movie in its entirety.
Also choose from the list: boring, dull, uninteresting, humdrum, etc.

Yes, The Incantation lacks personality, has no solid story or interesting characters. Not one of them holds your interest and perhaps it has little to do with the actors' acting skills and more to do with the bland storytelling.

The story suffers from a dual personality. It wants to be a goth style yet the setting is modern.

The protagonist is supposed to be a lively American teenager but ends up being a dull girl who tries to seem complicated when she reveals to her boyfriend that she is attracted to the dark arts and has always supported the villain in her bedtime stories. Oh, and she hates pink but is trying hard to be something that she is not.

None of it mat…