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Ready or Not-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Marriage can be very tricky when you come to think about it. Sure, you may sort of know your partner for a long time, and who knows how much can you really know about someone?

Then there are the in-laws you need to deal with. Imagine becoming a part of someone else's family, living with them, sleeping and eating undertone same roof...I mean, these are people you barely know, but somehow, the second you sign a contract, you're part of the family. Of course, in this situation, the bride has more challenges to face, considering she has to give up her last name and her home to come live with her husband and in-laws.

Ten years down the lane, will your partner still be the same as when you met them first? Or will the pressures of starting a family, growing old, and being financially stable take a toll and crack the marriage?

For some, it may take years to figure out they don't gel with the in-laws or their spouse. For others, it takes a few days, or even the wedding day to realize …