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A Quiet Place-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

In many ways. A Quiet place will remind you of Don’t Breathe- a taut thriller wherein three delinquents realize they’ve just broken into the wrong house. The owner turns out to be blind and the three intruders discover they mustn’t make a single sound if they are to escape.
In A Quiet Place, there is no crazy old man with sinister intentions, nor the limitation of being trapped in a house with bars on windows. Here, we see a whole wide world sometime in the future where creatures attack anyone who makes a single sound.
The first thing that comes to mind is: Really? Everyone is dead? Any city in the world has almost a million people. The city they live in definitely had more than a million, yet, no one survives the attack better than this one family who seemed to have survived attacks from these creatures for more than a year.
The second thing that comes to mind when you see the newspaper articles is how these experts, who have found out that the creatures are attracted to sound, peris…