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Included in this book is an exclusive preview of my new Horror book 'AADITA'. Three chapters of it!

Quotes from AADITA- My New Horror Novel


AADITA- Behind the story

AADITA is my first horror novel. I've always been an avid fan of Horror movies and the second I held a Stephen King novel in my hand (Misery), I knew I wanted to write a Horror novel someday. The challenge in writing a Horror story is that not everything scares everyone. People are scared of not so much. People find clowns scary, I find them comical. Some are frightened of darkness and heights; I'm a tad scared of both.
AADITA wasn't an easy novel to work on. Apart from the fact that it was going to be my first novel (the others were novellas), it was what I would term as 'heavy' writing. There was a lot of family drama to work on and I had to break my character's morale and build it up again and again.
AADITA is about two protagonists: Aadita and Raina. How these two are related, well that's a mystery ;) These two girls have a lot in common and the story follows Raina as she solves the mystery of a dangerous family curse. While she does th…

AADITA- Quotes from my upcoming Horror Novel


Quotes from my upcoming horror novel--AADITA


Infamous Second Son- My Take on this game (with Spoilers!)

Infamous Second Son is the third game in the series and released for PS4. First things first: Infamous is one of my favorite game series. I love open world games especially one that gives you a choice to either be a model citizen or a sinister troublemaker. Okay the actual level up terms is True Hero or Infamous. Infamous Second Son does not deviate from the previous installments. You still get to choose what you want to be, you still get powers as the story progresses and most importantly- the controls do not vary...much. As with another of my favorite games- The Assassin's Creed series- the controls are the most important to a gamer because it makes you comfortable knowing which buttons to press and easily relates you with the former game. Assassin's Creed 3 and 4 did not do that. The story faltered in both and the controls made me feel like I wasn't playing another AC game but a new game altogether. But enough about that. Infamous Second Son introduces Delsin Rowe-…

Quotes from my Upcoming horror novel--AADITA


Quotes from my upcoming horror novel-- AADITA


AADITA --Preview

An exclusive chapter coming soon! Watch this space...

Coming soon- an exclusive excerpt from my new Horror novel!


The bravest thing I do is right even though it scares me to step in a world where everything is scary and mysterious.

Aadita- Clues from my new horror novel


Just a video

Coming soon....

The beginning of a Horror Story. Coming soon.

Bird on the balcony

Bird sighting

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk by Claude Monet (My favorite painting)

Painted by Claude Monet, this is one of my favorite paintings. An impressionist, Claude Monet painted this after he came back from his visit to Venice. While there, he was so entranced by the sights, the he only made "impressions" of what he saw since he believed that Venice was too beautiful to paint and he refused to paint structures that had already been depicted in paintings by various artists.
The reason I'm in love with this painting is because of two things.
The first is that Venice is my dream city- a place I would like to visit someday in the unforeseeable future. I've been obsessed with it ever since I played Assassin's Creed 2 and had the chance to catch a glimpse of what this beautiful city must have looked like more than five hundred years ago in the Renaissance period. The painting was painted years later and I wondered if perhaps Venice's natural beauty would be marred and hidden by thousands of advertisement billboards or graffiti or anyth…

Changes over time

Lately I've been thinking about change and how inevitable it is. What I would do to be in control of this wild beast that has a mind of its own. The first thing I would do is to make sure any change in my future will be in my best interests. Too many changes in my life has only brought upon obstacles that takes me forever to overcome. The next thing I would do is to make sure that any change that comes, gives me time to adapt to it before another one comes sauntering by. Why exactly do I hate change so much? Actually I don't. It's an irritating guest that doesn't leave, and that doesn't mean I hate it; I just can't wait for it to leave. Change is often used as a synonym for progress. I have always seen it as another step away from the simple things in life. Here's how:
I've been reading up on Art History lately only because I've always had this complex of not understanding paintings and being able to identify them. When I started on it, I be…

My take on the HIMYM finale with spoilers.

How I met your Mother is one of those shows that will be remembered for a long time and not only because of the starry cast but also because of its unique story line that kept viewers hooked to find out when the protagonist- Ted would finally meet the Mother. Now, the show will be remembered for its dismal finale. I can barely remember what happened in the first few seasons since it was a long time ago and at that time I wasn't that hooked to it. The emotional storylines intertwined with the comedy was what finally baited me. All I can remember from the first few seasons is that Ted and Robin started dating, broke up and started dating again. Lily and Marshall too broke up at one point but then rekindled their relationship and got married. Later on Barney developed feelings for Robin then they dated and broke up and dated and broke up. Phew! A lot of breakups happened in this show that was not permanent except for those with those that were not part of the main cast. After ni…