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AADITA- Behind the story

AADITA is my first horror novel. I've always been an avid fan of Horror movies and the second I held a Stephen King novel in my hand (Misery), I knew I wanted to write a Horror novel someday.
The challenge in writing a Horror story is that not everything scares everyone. People are scared of not so much. People find clowns scary, I find them comical. Some are frightened of darkness and heights; I'm a tad scared of both.

AADITA wasn't an easy novel to work on. Apart from the fact that it was going to be my first novel (the others were novellas), it was what I would term as 'heavy' writing. There was a lot of family drama to work on and I had to break my character's morale and build it up again and again.

AADITA is about two protagonists: Aadita and Raina. How these two are related, well that's a mystery ;)
These two girls have a lot in common and the story follows Raina as she solves the mystery of a dangerous family curse. While she does that, she must also deal with a bully at her school- Mallika and her negligent parents who are hiding the secret from her.

Raina Savera (that's her name) is a normal girl beaten down by circumstances. She is filled with angst, yet she possesses the heart of a girl who wants to fall in love and she does. Enter Ahan.

Things don't go smoothly for Raina, but she perseveres and sometimes, she does get a win.
Writing up Raina was the hardest and the climax as well. The climax is a mystery so I won't say anything about that. All I can say is that it took me a tremendous time to write a logical ending considering the way the story is headed. It doesn't have my usual brand of twists, but it's not as straightforward either.

Suffice to say, it's a complicated story about a complicated story without me trying to make it very preachy. It's about life that hands you a lot of complications sometimes. The story derives from a few of my experiences as well that have been exaggerated in fiction.

There were times when I couldn't work on this story because it was getting too hard to face Raina's problems- one of the downsides of being a writer that must live the life of her own created character. In the end I wrote and completed this only be reminding myself that Raina counted on me to help her survive all this.

The horror part is in the background as well. My favorite part would have to be when AADITA makes an appearance at Raina's school. I'll be putting up that chapter as an exclusive preview soon.

In conclusion, all I would say is that AADITA is perhaps the hardest bit of writing I've ever done. It was emotionally exhausting yet a fulfilling experience. It was one way to excise demons of the past and give hope for the future- whatever that might be. 


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