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Infamous Second Son- My Take on this game (with Spoilers!)

Infamous Second Son is the third game in the series and released for PS4.
First things first: Infamous is one of my favorite game series. I love open world games especially one that gives you a choice to either be a model citizen or a sinister troublemaker. Okay the actual level up terms is True Hero or Infamous.
Infamous Second Son does not deviate from the previous installments. You still get to choose what you want to be, you still get powers as the story progresses and most importantly- the controls do not vary...much.
As with another of my favorite games- The Assassin's Creed series- the controls are the most important to a gamer because it makes you comfortable knowing which buttons to press and easily relates you with the former game. Assassin's Creed 3 and 4 did not do that. The story faltered in both and the controls made me feel like I wasn't playing another AC game but a new game altogether. But enough about that.
Infamous Second Son introduces Delsin Rowe- a young man belonging to the Akomish Native American Tribe. He soon finds out he's a conduit whilst helping his brother Reggie and realizes that he can absorb any power. Along with his brother, he travels to Seattle to find the DUP leader and absorb her powers to heal his tribe members who had been injured during an attack.
Here are my likes and dislikes about the game.

  • ·         Unlike Cole, Delsin gets to play around with four new powers (Smoke, Neon, Video and Concrete). These four powers all have their strengths and weaknesses and it's up to the player to decide when to play what.
  • ·         Getting these powers means indulging in a boss fight before you get them. More on this in Dislikes!
  •          The new features of PS4 are fully integrated into this game. For example, when creating stencil art.
  • ·         Each of the powers has a special move when you fill up the meter. Loved the Neon one especially.
  • ·         Paper trail missions. That I am still doing, but I love how innovative it is as you have to do certain parts on your computer and then on the console.
  • ·         You can change the time of day!
  • ·         New designs on the jacket Delsin wears. 

  • ·         In my opinion, Cole was a natural cool guy. Delsin tries hard to be cool.
  • ·         Cole's friendship with Zeke was a nice addition to the game. Over here Delsin and Reggie hardly get any screen time and connect with each other. It would have been nice to see these brothers share more than one or two missions together and have an actual story.
  • ·         The Cole's legacy mission- You just get Cole's jacket and while it's nice to hear from Zeke, the missions on a whole were just Meh!
  • ·         The game assumes you were a Hero in the previous game. In the second game, if you choose to be evil- Zeke dies, Cole becomes the beast. Considering the name of the game is 'Infamous' shouldn't it have taken the evil ending into consideration as well?
  • ·         Boss fights before getting every power! These conduits are supposedly misunderstood and I didn't understand why they would attack another conduit for no reason. And then they immediately become friends to the point that they help Delsin in the final mission. Somehow this plot wasn't played out well.
  • ·         SPOILERS! Reggie dies. This was the most poignant part in the story but I wish Delsin had found a way to save his brother. I mean, he was strong and had all these powers...he could jump from heights and not break a bone, but when it came to pulling up his brother who was slowly being encased in concrete...I don't know, I thought Delsin could have done something.
  • ·         The repetitive boss fight. Augustine! Grr....You fight her off once and then after a grueling battle, get her powers and fight her again. It was exhausting and irritating. Yes, story-wise it made sense and the whole Eugene helping Delsin with the new powers bit was interesting, but it didn't gave the player a break and introduce something to the story.
  • ·         The fact that you don't get to choose which power you want to use for the boss fights. For all of them! Just when I started to get comfortable with Neon, I find out that in the finale, you don't get to use that one at all! I didn't really enjoy the Smoke power so was disappointed at being forced to use it.
  • ·         For a game that is called 'Infamous' there weren't too many missions to let you be evil.
  • ·         Leveling up to True Hero or Infamous was too easy.
  • ·         Finding the blast shards was too easy too. Yes, you get to upgrade your powers quickly, but that meant that the game relied more on its main mission and not so much on the side missions which I tend to enjoy in open world games.

All in all I did enjoy playing this game. The story was one of revenge and choices again and once the side missions are dispatched off, there isn't much to do after the credits rolled in. In the previous Infamous games, there were always a lot of things to do even when the main mission was over.
I always play the Infamous part in these games, and I have to say it wasn't much fun being evil in this game. That being said, I did love the new powers a lot and was surprised that considering the effects, there were no bugs in the far....
If I were to rate this game, I would give it a solid 8 out of 10. More marks to it because of the inventive paper trail missions in the game.


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