Horror Movies watched this Month- January

I celebrated the start of this year, watching some horror movies. None of them were spectacular, but none of them were that horrible either. 

1) Charlie Charlie: An internet urban legend, becomes the premise of this movie that borders on comedy. The weakest point of this movie is the shoddy special effects. We are made to believe, that the characters in the movie are threatened and frightened by a wavy electric blue light that follows them.

2) A Room to Die for: Looking for a disturbing, gory movie? The search ends here. A broke young couple moves into a room leased by an elderly couple who have malicious intentions. What are they? They want a child. And that means, they kill everyone who comes in their path and manipulate couples into breaking up. Too many cringe-worthy moments and kind of reminded me of ‘Don't Breathe’.

3) The Axe Murders of Villisca: This is actually not a terrible movie. I was surprised by the decent plot and the acting was pretty good as well. Basically three teenagers visit a house where the infamous unsolved axe murders have taken place. Once inside, they discover that evil is still lurking within its walls.

4) Clinical: This could have actually been a decent thriller had it not been for the slow paced proceedings. Also, the twist about the psychiatrist’s new patient becomes obvious within the first few minutes after his entry. The events that unfold in this movie could have been gripping, instead they feel lackluster.
Basically a psychiatrist is attacked by one of her unstable patients and needs therapy herself. What she doesn’t know, is that months later, her attacker has killed herself but someone stills wants the doctor to pay for the mistakes she made.

5) Dead Story: Here’s another tale of a house haunted by an unsolved mystery. Turns out, even after no one bought the house in years, a young couple thinks it is the perfect opportunity to start life anew. Of course, there is also a meddling mother-in-law who makes life difficult for the couple, but it is the ghost that plays tricks on the wife that leads her on a murderous path.

The movie takes too much time with details and not enough developing the story on why the ghost wants the wife. Nevertheless, it is one of those horror movies that has a pacy narrative that keeps you watching till the end, even if the final scene is a bit cheesy.


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