Besetment- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Besetment is one of those movies you know from the very first frame that it was made on a very small budget.
Amanda is unemployed, still living with her drunk and prurient mother and is desperate for any means to get away from her miserable life.
Opportunity comes in the way of a job offer from a far away town, that Amanda immediately jumps into, all because it also offers her accommodation and that means she wouldn’t have to live with her mother.

Her meeting goes well, the owner of the hotel is a kindly old woman who has a slow son. She feeds her, her son fixes her car and the employment is celebrated with a glass of wine. All this seems a little rushed and there is an obvious glitch: How did the woman know at the very first meeting that Amanda had come for an interview? She could have been just a guest.

Nevertheless, all of it is easily forgiven as the movie progresses. There is something shady about the woman, especially since she doesn’t seem too keen in having Amanda associate with the other townsfolk, especially a diner owner who takes an interest in her.

When Amanda faints all of a sudden and the doctor confirms she is pregnant, she is aghast as she had stayed away from all relations. It is then, that a sinister plot is revealed.

The woman is a sick conniving sociopath who wants to see her simple son settle down. So in the very first meeting, she had drugged Amanda’s wine, stolen her son’s sperm and impregnated Amanda.

Before Amanda can do anything else, she is tied down and forced to marry her son. Her boyfriend is killed, her mother doesn’t care for her anymore, so what chance does Amanda have?

A friend! Lucky for her, she had told her friend where she had sought employment who had reported her missing when Amanda didn’t show up. The town’s police finally put two and two together and come for her, but Amanda manages to kill the woman and escape on her own.

In the end, she is rewarded the hotel by the court who sympathizes with her ordeal and with her friend’s help, is finally living her dream with her son.
This would have been a good ending, however an extended scene almost ruins the whole movie experience.

Her five year old son, for some reason, uses a screwdriver to murder the friend and uses the same phrase his “grandmother” had used. All this seems a bit far fetched as you wonder where the child would have heard the expletives and you question whether murder tendencies really do run in the family.

Or maybe, Amanda just didn’t do a good enough job raising a son whose evil, murderous intentions are unknown to her for five years.

It really was an unnecessary scene and one that was created for the sake of putting in a cliffhanger. Not all horror movies need one. Had the first and the last scene been executed well, Besetment would have been a better viewing experience.


  1. Looks like a pretty boring movie. Really it must have been hard on you to write a review of the same.

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