Writer's Problems pt 2

Every once in a while you come across a situation that tears up all of your beliefs and everything that made you, you. At that point, all I can ever think of is that I'll never recreate that situation in any of my stories because I want to write fiction that entertains and gives hope. The real world and real people can sometimes be so disappointing. Thankfully there are books. The closest I ever came to mirroring a personal circumstance in my book was AADITA. It was about one of those things that is prevalent and something that must be abolished and replaced with equality and respect. The story doesn't bear any semblance to my personal life, just to be clear. After realizing that it was too exhausting and painful to write exaggerated incidents of my problems, I decided never to wander that path again. No more "realistic" fiction for me ever again. Now, I'm all about mystical things and mysterious circumstances and ghosts that have a story to tell. I'll stick to horror and mystery, thank you.


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