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TUBELIGHT - My take on the movie with spoilers

Kya tumhe yakeen hai? Yes, I do believe... that the movie could have been a lot better. Tubelight is a movie that you can see from the very first glance, that it was made in haste and therefore it lacks the very backbone of every movie- a solid story. Had the movie been condensed into a ninety minute film for example, it would have worked. The message is motivational for sure, but it gets dragged out until its purpose becomes ineffective. By the second half, you're tired and can't wait for the obvious conclusion. The story takes you back in the 1960s to a small town called Jagatpur. It's an ideal village where two loving brothers live, one of whom is a bit slow and therefore ridiculed by the townsfolk and called Tubelight. The brothers dance around, have only each other and have little to get by. Nevertheless, both of them sport beefed up bods and look like they can take on the whole village when challenged. So it's not exactly believable to see Salman Khan being slapped around and teased. Plus, the brothers look nothing like from that era. Had they at least given up their protein shakes, they would have looked more the part. In a few scenes, the subplot is brought forward - The India China war. The youth of the town are recruited and of course, Laxman (Salman) is not selected. His brother however, spares his feelings by pleading with the major to let his dimwit brother think he's the captain of the town and is given the task of reporting any Chinese soldiers entering their town. The brother leaves for war, leaving behind Om Puri to keep his brother distracted. He begins teaching Laxman, Gandhi's principles which preoccupies him for a while until he spots a Chinese boy living in a secluded house in the edge of town. At Om Puri's insistence, Laxman follows the path laid out by Gandhiji, and it takes a magician (Shah Rukh Khan's cameo) for him to realize that faith can literally move mountains. In the second half, that is exactly what happens. It takes an earthquake for the townsfolk to start wondering if perhaps Laxman's faith is that strong. Intercut with all these happenings, is Sohail Khan's attempt to play a soldier and showing great courage. His part would have been interesting to watch had he shown more than two expressions. In the end, the war is sorted out, people learn to tolerate the family who looks Chinese but are Indian at heart and people grow to respect Tubelight. For them, the war ends because of Laxman's faith and it is that which brings his brother back to life. Actually it was a case of mistaken identity due to which the brother is pronounced dead. But it is up to the audience to believe that if you have faith, anything is possible. The movie seems incredulous so we are shown both points of view. One from Salman's the other from Sohail's. What is happening to Sohail, is real and fortunate circumstances do occur. From Salman's view, everything works out because he never gave up following Gandhiji's rules and faith. I did have faith that this movie could have been better than the dismal trailer of the movie. The songs could have been better, the story could have been concise and clear, the costumes and make up for the brothers could have been accurate...there's so much that could have worked in favor for this movie, but just doesn't. It seemed like a feeble attempt to recreate the magic of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, a movie with a strong emotional message. Instead, it was just not engaging enough for anyone to concentrate on the message. At one point, you just give up and laugh at the scenes that though were meant to provoke an emotional response, are actually laughable. This is one movie that makes you wish it could have been better. I have faith that it could have been.


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