For the sake of humanity

In times of adversity, the first thought that springs to mind is that there is so much evil and violence in this world and perhaps there is nothing to counter the people who are the cause of all this. It is easy to lose hope in all of humanity especially when news about tragic events around the world are reported.

There are some genuine journalists who report the event sincerely, then there are those who take advantage of the situation and use it to increase their ratings by being melodramatic. There are others who will try to connect a tragedy in one country to a situation in another country to perpetuate more pandemonium.

However, it is when people start to comment on these stories is when one wonders if there is any humaneness in the world. The comments range from terrifyingly racist to uneasy indifference and the ones who are actually mortified by the mindless violence caused by terrorists, get caught up in spewing their rigid opinions and exchanging rude words with others.

Thus, at a time when a country has faced a terrible tragedy the concentration is on everything else except what that country has faced. So yes, it isn’t easy to believe in humanity when there is so much senseless hatred in the world.

It doesn’t matter where we are and where we come from- it will always be about how we act as a human being.

It is easy to pity the people thrust into a tragic circumstance, but it is difficult to be able to do something and personally help the people who are affected.

It is however easy to keep humanity alive by concentrating on our own actions. We can’t all be heroes and we don’t all possess super skill and strength. But we do possess the ability to make a choice on whether or not to do the right thing sometimes.

It may the smaller things that have bigger meanings. Holding open the door for someone, returning lost items to the owner, doing charity work or genuinely being emphatic to someone’s problems- all these things count for something.

I would often complain about humanity being dead whenever I read about these horrific events happening around the world and sympathize with all those who have endured so much pain and grief. I would want the terrorists to be captured and punished and then be depressed and lose hope in humanity.

Then I asked myself- what have I done to contribute to humanity? Like I said, it was easier just thinking about the problems of the world and not the solutions.

So I made a promise to myself that no matter how small, I would try to do one good deed everyday- even it’s a little gesture. Something has to count for something. This is something I have to believe.  


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