Imaginary conversations

The best conversations I've had so far, have been with myself. I can talk about everything and anything. I have the liberty to be assertive and argue, then be acquiescent. There are times when my ponderings take me to places I've never set foot on. Sunsets turn into nights and I'm still wandering and wondering. Lost in my thoughts, and sorting out all the tangles, I sometimes forget that I've also subconsciously observed my surroundings. Its such a complex process getting lost in thoughts and ideas. As for the colorful conversations, sometimes I wonder if writers have the minds of amad person. They are after all writing imaginary conversations of two or more characters, but they all come from the same mind. So are writers continuously and relentlessly, having imaginary conversations with themselves? One agrees, one disagrees, the other remains quiet, trying to decide which side to take. It's exactly how discussions happen in our minds when we have to make a decision. I guess what is said about writers putting their souls into their work, is true. There is a little bit of our crazy magic in every book we write.


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