An Unintentional Prank-- Sinfully Stupid Seven

One of the scientists went over and handed them each a plastic folder. “You will all be given exam papers that you must complete within the stipulated time. Before that, you will be injected with a serum that will upgrade your intelligence. You have been granted these retests as a favor from the school board. Fail this, and you will be thrown out.”
 The scientist reached the back row where Lucy and Neil were seated and removed an aerosol can from his coat. He sprayed it all around them and started to walk when he stopped as he read the can. “Oops, this was a foot spray. Wait.” He patted his pockets, removing a pack of cigarettes and a small piece of cheese from his back pocket. “Wife hasn’t been checking my pockets before washing my clothes,” he grumbled. “Okay, here we go.” He sprayed the deodorant directly over Lucy and Neil and stuffed his belongings back into his pockets.

 “When do we begin?” Genio asked.


Genio immediately felt a stab of pain in his arm. He let out a shriek and turned to see one of the scientists grinning while injecting the serum into him. “Ouch! That hurt!” Genio screamed.
 “It doesn’t hurt that much,” Ryan said. Tisha agreed like the dutiful girlfriend she was.

 Sharon and Jane nodded. “Yeah, it didn’t hurt that bad for you to scream like that.”

 Genio frowned when he saw Jane looking at him like he was such a big baby who couldn’t endure the tiniest bit of pain. “I was just kidding,” he said and tried to grin through the agonizing pain. He put his hand over his arm and saw blood oozing out. “Are you sure you didn’t use a knife?” The scientist walked away with a smug smile on his face. 

“The exam begins in half an hour,” The eldest scientist announced. “Until then, take a break while the serum takes effect.”

 Genio shifted in his seat. His eyelids were getting heavier and closing on their own. Jerking himself awake, he looked all around. The rest of the students were blinking their eyes sleepily. Behind him, Lucy fell flat on her face on her desk. The thwacking sound. didn’t alarm anyone. They all just rubbed their eyes. “Are we... are we... supposed to be feeling drowsy?” Genio asked.

 The scientists looked at each other in mild surprise. They glanced at the other students with worried expressions. “I think we should go and talk in private in the control room,” the eldest one said. The scientists hurried to the small dark room and closed the door. Through the glass, Genio could see the three men looking perplexed and scratching their chins.

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