The Ballerina--My Take on the Movie with Spoilers!

If you suffer from insomnia and are desperate for one night of gratifying sleep, watch The Ballerina.
The movie suffers from terrible lack of pace and in some scenes, the background music is so loud you have to lean closer to hear the dialogues. Of course, it's a movie so you can't expect the actors to repeat or speak louder over the atrocious music.
The Ballerina is pretty much a drama and not the one that keeps you captivated or rooting for the characters.
The character development is slow, uninteresting and you'll find yourself in the company of the most boring people you've ever come across.
The only reason I completed watching the movie was because I was in the mood to watch a movie. Several times during it, I considered turning it off and watching one of my favorite shows but I convinced myself that the movie would get better eventually.
It doesn't.
The first half struggles to hold your attention. The second half tests your nerves as it explains the story through a flashback that intercut with the present expressions of the character. It gets so annoying that once again I had to refrain myself from using the remote, this time to fast forward to the end.
The movie begins with a father driving his daughter who is dressed in a Ballerina costume. Seconds later, their eyes widen and you hear screeching.
The next minute, they are in the woods and the father has grown a beard. Some time has passed and you know there is going to be a major plot hole that is going to be revealed.
You ask yourself what happened to the mother who was screaming at her husband before he left. You guess immediately that they may be ghosts when the daughter insists on going over to see her old house and gets upset seeing people inside having fun.
The "homeless" camp keeps getting new members and if you're still awake after twenty minutes have passed, you'll guess again that these people are not ordinary or homeless. They have wifi, food and every necessity they could possibly want. Later, we are left to wonder if the camp is supposed to be some kind of purgatory. Everyone has everything they want, but their appearance is that of homeless people. So basically, when souls get lost, their appearance gets tacky.
Take for example the little girl who died with makeup on and her costume. She awakens to find herself in dirty clothes and her hair so bushy it looks like she has never used shampoo.
Why doesn't she look exactly like the state in which she had died? Her ghost, later on, wears a jacket, but she died after freezing to death.
She waves goodbye to her father, telling him she must go. In the next scene, she's back because it turns out the father has been dead all this time as well. So why didn't she tell him after she found out?
The little girl also keeps seeing ghosts of her father's dead aunt who had died in a car accident as a girl. She appears to the girl, takes her to the place she died but not once tells her that she is dead and so is everyone in the camp.
A medium is called somewhere in between and she too doesn't tell them they are dead but tells the father to relay the message to his dead aunt that she's dead and must move on. How about that? Why didn't the medium tell them all they were dead and needed to move on?
With so man plot holes going on, you wonder if the writer had too many second thoughts when writing up the story.
None of it makes sense. Including the title. The girl was barely a Ballerina. At least if the aunt had turned out to be a Ballerina as well, it would have made sense and a connection between her and her nephew's daughter would have been understandable.
Just a few changes to the script, increase in pace and cut down on the background score would have improved the movie a lot.
It's a predictable movie and not even interesting at that.

Scare scale:1/5


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