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Blood is Blood-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

You must have heard the proverb: the family who prays together, stays together.
The family who plays together stays together.
Over the years, the proverb has been manipulated several times.
Basically, any family who does any task together is considered loyal and ideal.
Blood is Blood plays with the proverb a bit: a family who murders together, stays together.
Yes, we are introduced to a seemingly normal high society family who are about to welcome a woman into their family. She is about to marry Crew and already Brie, the sister has a problem. Daniel has an unhealthy obsession with Crew's fiancée Sara and Jess... She has another part to play in the story.
Brie is shown to have mental issues and at first, we are convinced she is predicting the future. The film intercuts with scenes from past to present and we learn Brie is possessive of her family, especially Jess who she has had visions of being murdered by a woman in a polka dress. Naturally, she believes it is Sara and gifts her an origami fox. 
While lounging near the pool, Brie finds a masked man looking at her and Jess from a distance. She runs into the house, is attacked but she manages to defend herself and stabs her attacker in the neck.
When she unmasks him, she finds it is her brother, Crew.
Now, why would he want to murder his sister?
The scene quickly moves to Brie having a breakdown in a mental asylum. She is convinced she is being attacked by a masked man and has bruises on her neck she can't explain. Nobody believes her and after the next attack, she runs away from the asylum.
No one from the asylum comes after her- A serious plot hole.
On the other side, we get to see how twisted Daniel is. The family is shown to have shower scenes where they each stand with their head bowed. After his contemplative shower, he wears makeup, puts on a wig and dresses up in a polka frock. Yes, the woman Brie has seen is actually Daniel who dresses up as a psycho woman and murders girl after gifting them a fox origami.
Sara is having her own mental breakdown after Crew's death. She keeps trying to make origami and barely succeeds. In her basement, she has built a shrine for Crew, complete with her bridal dress in the center that she never got to wear.
Daniel keeps trying to convince her to move in with him but she doesn't reply.
Brie reunites with Jess who too sees the masked man and finally believes her sister.
They both seek out Daniel and that is when all hell breaks loose.
Secrets are revealed and they are just as twisted as we thought.
Spoiler alert, Jess isn't alive. Brie has been hallucinating her after witnessing her murder by Daniel's hands. Why did he kill her? Because Jess was the only one in the family who didn't share her family's passion for mindless murder.
Yes, that means Brie was also part of the psycho team but was often left out by her brothers. She is the one who created the mask too.
Sara overhears the family's secret and realizes her real enemy isn't only Brie. She is strangled by Daniel and afterward, Brie stabs him to death.
Brie is back in the asylum, making origami and thinking about her twisted deeds as well. We are made to believe that she carries on the family's twisted tradition.
Blood is blood after all. As evil as that blood truly is.
The film has an edge of the seat feel to it and the twists are surprisingly shocking.
The writer makes us sympathize with Brie and then ruthlessly betrays us in the end.
It's a good horror thriller though I wish they had explained why the family has this twisted tradition.

Overall, a good movie watching experience.

Scare scale : 3/5


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