Exam- my take on the movie with spoilers.

There’s something about sitting for an exam that never leaves you even years after you’ve sat for your last one. You’ll dream about it, feel every bit of pressure you had felt long ago and worst of all- you will end up staring at a blank paper as all that you have learned for that subject, deserts you.

The feeling of being lost, the pressure of being restrained by a time limit and the most important aspect of exams- being tested for your competence and knowledge- it is an unforgettable experience.

Exams either bring out the best in us or the worst in us. We are being tested for our comprehension on the subject but we are also being tested on how well we perform under pressure and how much we want to win.

In school and college it is all about getting the highest grade, but in the movie ‘EXAM’ the answer to a question can win candidates a wonderful opportunity to work for a high profile company.

The movie gives a whole new nightmare feel to examinations. We are introduced to a very curt invigilator and eight candidates all with different personalities- or so we are made to believe at first.

The candidates have to answer one question and the question is right before them. The only problem is, that it isn’t visible to any of the candidates and time is running out. In eighty minutes, we are shown how the candidates learn to decipher the cryptic remarks of the invigilator and how they try to trust each other.

They all want to win and are ready to do anything for it- even kill each other for the coveted position. One by one the candidates are eliminated by either breaking rules or by ruse. The candidates refuse to divulge their real names and are categorized by their race or hair color.

Pressure rises and eventually we are shown how low people can stoop to when they are promised an extravagant offer.

Turns out the question had always been in front of them. Through all the trials they face together and all the ideas they work on, they forget a minute detail. The question had already been asked- there had only been one question asked to them after all, right in the beginning.

This was one of those movies that makes you sit at the edge of your seat and make your own wild guesses. The suspense was superb as was the thrill. The problem though lay with how the answer was revealed that caused confusion.

Spoilers: The answer was ‘No’ but was that supposed to be given before the timer started or after a long tiring wait of eighty minutes? Some of the candidates either had loved ones who suffered from a disease that the company was creating medication for. So were they picked on purpose to see if they would be loyal to the company or themselves?

The eighty minute exam was either there to test the candidates’ patience or their endurance. The paper they are given only carries a hint and apparently only a magnifying glass would reveal it. In this case- the undercover CEO’s glasses. Did he expect someone to knock him out and steal his glasses in order to read the paper?

These questions will nag you, but not spoil the movie watching experience.

The movie has all the components that would make an exciting thriller movie. This is one to watch, especially for psychology enthusiasts who are interested to learn how people would behave in such perplexing circumstances.  


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