Pari-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

If there is one word that can be used to describe this movie, it would be: disturbing.
Yes, disturbing to the point that it haunts your thoughts long after the movie is over.
Advertised as a horror movie, Pari does little to actually scare, instead, it keeps you hooked to the proceedings that make you guess what is going to happen next.
However, as mentioned above, the movie will make you flinch, clench your stomach and generally make you feel bad about the characters' predicament.
I have to mention that literally, every actor in this movie impresses. As for the characters, each of them possesses qualities that have both good and bad shades to them.
In fact, the characters introduced as sweet, innocent, babe in the woods, actually harbor a creepy secret. Those that appear stern and aggressive, actually have good intentions though misplaced.
It won't be easy to take sides in this one. But the end result is that all performances leave a lasting impression. The fact that these characters also have a back story told in brevity, also enhances the remarkable story-telling. Fortunately, this horror movie doesn't drag, keeps to the point and manages to give you the shudders.

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

The movie begins with an introvert guy Baboi talking to his potential bride. She already states she had a boyfriend and the relationship ended badly. That is revealed near the climax. Baboi likes her but is tired of his parents dragging and pestering him to settle down.
On the way back home, it begins raining heavily and the father accidentally hits someone.
The old woman, dressed in a black cloak, lays on the road motionless. She is speculated to have committed suicide. The police, while investigating, come across a shack in the middle of the jungle and finds a woman shackled in a dilapidated room.
She is called Rukhsana and seems unfamiliar to the world around her. Every single of her mannerisms point out that she was kept hidden from the world.
Questions immediately crop up in the mind : why was she shackled? Why were there dogs always roaming around her.
Baboi, feeling guilty about the accident, escorts her to the morgue where the women performing the last rites with incense sticks, cause Rukhsana to becoming anxious. There is obviously something mentally wrong with her, you think.
Baboi sympathizes with her and afterward escorts her to her shack in the jungle.
It isn't long before the man in the morgue reports his findings to a notorious professor who immediately gathers up his people and stalks Rukhsana.
Gifted with the sense to feel people around her, she manages to escape and finds herself a home in Baboi's house- under his bed to be precise.
Baboi feeds and clothes her but insists she goes to a women's shelter. She keeps saying "they will find her" but he still insists. However, upon reaching there, they find a woman scolding children and Rukhsana holds Baboi's wrist and stands behind him in fear.
That gesture is enough for Baboi to become her knight in shining armor. He takes her home and you know that's a bad mistake. He's getting engaged for heaven's sake. The strange men are closing in on Rukhsana, and she, apparently suffers from a disorder that makes her sick every month. Her cure is to swoop down from great heights and drink dog's blood.
In the second half, Rukhsana grows closer to Baboi, falls in love with him, kisses him and proclaims her love for him. Entranced by her simplicity, he too gives in to his desires yet the next morning reminds her there is nothing in between them.
Baboi's fiancee starts go get suspicious of his absence while Rukhsana is dealing with her growing nails and the voices around her, threatening her to become something she is struggling with. When her possessiveness over Baboi goes out of control, he finally seeks the disgraced professor's help and the true story of Rukhsana's origins are brought forth.
Rukhsana is a Pari but not a good fairy.
The demon Ifrit is her supposed father. Long ago, a cult had called upon the powerful jinn to impregnate a few girls. They were branded by a mysterious mark and held in captivity by the professor and his men who are not as evil as they are thought out to be. They only want to eradicate the demon's children who are born without navels or umbilical cords. However Rukhsana's mother flees and gives birth to her child.
Rukhsana is the last one left but she's cursed to be filled with venom every month. If she doesn't kill and inject her poison in someone else, it could kill her.
As luck would have it, she gets pregnant with Baboi's child while he learns about her true self. Horrified, he decides to chain her up. In a heartbreaking scene, we see him failing to chain her up but Rukhsana sits and assists him. She's ready to be chained up as long as she can stay with him. However, Baboi has planned to betray her. The professor and his men arrive and set about to torture the poor... Pari.
It needs to be done. She is a demon and possibly carrying a demon child. But you can't help but feel heartbroken at seeing her bloodied state.
After a month of torture, the baby is ready to come since it isn't going to be an ordinary birth. Her poison is elevating and she gets angry. Disposing off the men and professor is the easy part. Her target is now Baboi's fiancee.
She enters her home and attacks her but is quickly taken advantage over when her labor pains begin.
The fiancee, also a nurse, helps her deliver the baby. Baboi arrives but by that time Rukhsana has left, leaving the baby in his hands. The baby has an umbilical cord and navel.
He goes to the jungle, finds her weakening and taking her last breath as the poison consumes her slowly. She dies in his arms and we hear Baboi thinking about her being an actual Pari now that she has fallen in love. The baby isn't dmeonic because it was born out of her love.
It is a movie not easy to watch. There's plenty of blood and numerous thrilling scenes. The actors give life to this tale that could have frayed easily had this been wrongly cast.
Days after watching it, you find yourself still sympathizing with Rukhsana's plight even though you know, she was a demon after all. But she does struggle to retain her humanity. Her desperately seeking for a nail cutter to cut her talons is proof of that.
I did feel that the horror parts could have been scary, but they were simply unnecessary in this gory fantasy tale.
There was no explanation given as to why she kept seeing herself soaked in blood.
Hallucinations from the venom inside her or premonition?
Apart from that, the movie was well made and didn't have a single dull moment.

Scare scale: 3/5


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