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THE BYE BYE MAN-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

The Bye Bye Man

Don’t think it, don’t say it. Honestly, don’t even watch it. Every story has some kind of potential to become an entertaining movie, that has always been my opinion. However, after watching this, I’ve come to realize that not every tale needs to be brought on screen. This movie is a prime example of how erroneous that notion was. The problem lies in the storyline, the blame should be thrust upon the person who helmed this project. It could have been a creepy monster movie, somewhere along the lines of the legend of the slender man, instead, it's a convolution of events that hardly flow seamlessly.

There is no beginning, no middle and no proper ending. In fact, it doesn't even contain the essential ingredients of a compelling storyline that keeps viewers glued to their seats. That means, there is literally no turning point in the story and makes no effort to scare and amaze the audience. When you have a title as The Bye Bye Man, you think of it is an origin story to the monster and how it comes into being and why it terrorises humans. From the few glimpses we are shown, I suppose he's supposed to be the grim reaper with a hell hound. Although it is never really confirmed in the movie.

We are not shown why the small boy gave it the moniker the bye bye man or how the reporter deduced that the demon gains strength when you say its name or why he modifies everyone's thoughts and cause them to kill. Why doesnt the demon want to do the dirty work himself?

And what's with pointing a clawed finger at everyone. The laughable part of this movie is the ton of plot holes that are glaring. For example, why do people in horror movies have phones that run out of battery so quickly? Seriously, Elliot's phone is almost full, then an hour later, it dies on his completely. Or are we to believe that was a distorted reality as well? Then when his brother bails him out, Elliot, wanting to protect his brother, leaves in a huff... In his car. Who brought his car to the police station? Did he just take his brother's car and desert him? And what is the significance of the gold coins before the demon makes an appearance? They could have explained the myth behind it if there was one. Then there was the shoddy police work shown in the movie.

Elliot is convicted of a few bizarre murders, but the thing here to note is that the police don't bother dusting crime scenes for fingerprints or other evidence. Elliot is made the scapegoat in the brutal murder of a psychic and a librarian and her kids. Which brings me to another confusing question. It takes Elliot and his friends, half the movie to start acting crazy, but the minute the librarian takes the demon's name, she flips out immediately and in her deranged state, mutilates her own children. Why is it that her craziness escalates that rapidly? And why not the others? Was there a reason Elliot's girlfriend Sasha falls sick? Or the fact that he is pushed to insanity when the demon tricks him into believing that she and his best friend John are having an affair?

Anyway, spoiler alert : the only way to get rid of the demon is by killing all that have been told of his name and then the one who told them in the first place. That means, Elliot had to kill himself, but since he didn't kill John, at the very end, we see him whispering in the detective's ear. So how did the reporter's widow stay alive, all these years? No idea, because although she doesn't take the demon's name, we are made to believe she doesn't even think about it. Saying is one thing, but are we to believe that none of the characters are even thinking about him throughout the movie. You can't stop thinking about something.

Another major complaint against this movie would be the lack of completion of literally every scene. Elliot and John get into a fight, but the scene ends abruptly. Sasha confronts the landlord and tells him about the nightstand with the writing inside. He stares blankly before saying: the nightstand? And the scene is cut. A door opens in the middle of the night, Elliot is scared but before he investigates as would be anyone's first instinct, the scene ends. It was really quite frustrating not to see the culmination of every scene. And for a horror movie, it doesn't even have the decency to give the audience some jump scares at least.

Not a horror movie I would recommend to any horror movie lovers out there. Say bye bye to this movie.


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