Cynthia– my take on the movie with spoilers!

There's something ridiculously humorous about Cynthia. It manages to portray the different shades of characters, the problems in a relationship, and the deformity issues, really well. And wrapped up in dark humor.
You have Robin, desperate to have children to the point she misses out on the fact that her husband may be gay.
The husband doesn't realize he may be gay until he sees his wife being obsessed with becoming pregnant.
Then there are the detectives who can't figure out who the serial killer of a quiet town like Shady Grove is.
The doctors too are more interested in their golf games and hooking up than figuring out what is wrong with Robin.
The scans show a lump next to the baby. Is it a cyst or a twin?
Spoiler alert! It's Cynthia.
The movie begins with a couple sitting at the porch, watching children play. The girl is playing with someone invisible. When the woman asks her son who it is, he replies that Samantha is playing with Cynthia. The couple assumes it's an imaginary friend.
Cut to an year earlier, we meet Robin, ready to pay whatever for injections that will help her with fertility. The husband is distressed and seeks comfort in a pub and the bartender.
Robin finally gets pregnant, but after tye amount of injections we see her take, we know the pregnancy isn't going to be normal.
Months into the pregnancy, the doctors find a lump next to the baby and do a biopsy. The doctors are attacked by a weird, slimy entity. The next instant Robin wakes up and we too wonder if it's all a dream to waylay us.
Nine months later, Robin gives birth and with the child, a large cyst is delivered.
While two doctors fool around, the cyst erupts and we see only a creepy, bony hand murdering them. The police are baffled and the janitor goes on a tirade when he feels he's being suspected.
At home, the weird creature has made its way into Robin's house and is attracted to the baby.
Robin has a difficult time coping with her husband always coming home late.
Her sister comes over to help and we see it's the same woman from the first scene. She brings over a nanny and takes Robin for a walk.
So... Okay. Robin apparently doesn't have trust issues. She trusts anyone readily with her newborn.
The weird, slimy thing, possessive of Samantha, gets rid of the nanny.
Robin finds her near the stairs, dead.
While being investigated, the sister flirts with the detective who is no one else but the guy from the first scene.
The sister and detective are destined to be a couple.
Later, when the husband returns, Robin's day turns worse when he admits he's seeing someone... Another man. He offers that the three raise Samantha together but Robin goes ballistic and throws him out of the house. High on substances provided by her sister, she falls asleep to find Samantha missing. She's found in the vents and there Robin meets the deformed child. She immediately adopts her and names her Cynthia.
A year later, Robin has completely made a mess of her and the house. Her husband appears at the party with his boyfriend and they begin to record the mess in the house to help with the custody battle.
Cynthia is having none of it and does away with both of them.
The police arrive immediately for some reason. Who called them?
Robin loses it and shoots herself. The sister and detective adopt Samantha not realizing they've taken in Cynthia as well.
We are returned to the first scene and we see the detective is not a nice guy after all. He cares little for the children and obviously this pisses off Cynthia.

All in all, it's a pretty entertaining movie but not necessarily a ha-ha funny one.
The one scene that brought out the chuckles was when the sister us eating ice cream and Cynthia loses a finger or a limb, that falls into the tub.
The sister thinking it's a cracker, chews delightfully into it. It's both gross and funny.
Watch this movie for an entertain afternoon.

Scare scale: 3.5/5


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