7 Witches - My take on the movie with spoilers!

7 witches is an ugly tale of revenge, hatred and family conflicts. It's the kind of movie that leave you horrified and sick to the stomach.
It has drama that is relatable but characters not exactly relatable.
Yet, this movie is actually a decent watch and what works in its favor is the pace.
Had the plot been drawn out more than it was intended to, it would have been a bore. There is always something happening in every scene and the tension builds until it reaches a climax that will leave you appalled.
For centuries, the witches have been hunted like dogs, punished for their witchcraft and killed like animals. Now, with only seven witches remaining, they aim to get back what they rightfully deserve.
Kate is attending her sister's wedding with her boyfriend whom she has either broken up with or is on the verge of doing so. Her family is happy to see her except for her annoying sister who keeps taunting her and reminds Kate to not spoil her special day.
Reluctantly, Kate travels with her family to a remote area to take part in a marriage ceremony that seems a bit off to her.
Turns out, Kate was right in being so cautious and not eating the food she is served. The family her sister is getting married into, is strange, stoic and always dressed in black.
There are scenes where cooking is showed and the background sound is all ominous and creepy, as if a ritual is being performed.
Kate survives on granola bars and wine, keeping a distance from the family despite her sister's taunts of not blending in. Kate's aunt too, is wary, but sees the family as eccentric than anything else.
The second part of the movie is when things start to get weird. Cody is seduced but before he can impregnate Kate's sister and her fiancée, he runs off.
One of the male witches, kills whoever threatens him with a knife. Cody becomes one of the victims.
When her aunt takes suddenly ill, Kate stays back with her while her family is mercilessly drowned during the wedding ceremony.
Of course Kate's sister didn't see this, she freaks out and is killed much later on.
Kate, armed with a gun, manages to kill off the family as they hunt her down.
The film ends as she takes the final shot at the matriarch. Apparently, she had enough bullets to carry on this terrible task.
This movie may not have been scary, but it is thrilling, has creepy elements to it- especially when we are shown the scene of the witches feasting on the flesh of the family they had just killed.
It's a movie that will renew your faith in having and attending, traditional weddings and also be wary of people dressed in black robes.


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