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Delirium— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Most times, when we think about criminals, we wonder what could possible have prompted them to fall into a life of crime.
More often than not, we blame their circumstances. Perhaps lack of financial security forced them to become thieves. Maybe they were mentally unstable and that’s why they resorted to killing someone.
No matter what, we find safety in the fact that these criminals are caught and made to either go to prison or undergo treatment.
Now what if these criminals come from an affluent family, have what appears to be a functional family and are given whatever they desire? What happens when they turn criminals? Who do we blame?
Delirium is a case of such a family.
We are introduced to Tom, leaving the asylum and being put on house arrest for a month. He is also told that his father passed away just a few days before he was set to be released, allegedly killing himself because he didn’t want Tom to come back.
Accompanied by a parole officer, Tom heads home to his lavish mansion complete with an indoor pool.
A large empty house to do whatever he wants, so what does he do? Goof off of course and when he runs out of his favorite cereal, calls the supermarket where the delivery girl Lynn forms a friendship with him.
But things aren’t as easy and fun for Tom who begins experiencing strange events that he blames on hallucinations stemming from his mental issues.
When the parole officer makes a move on him and he refuses, she takes away his medication leaving him feeling odd and rude.
He keeps seeing a black dog, his father’s half-eaten face and begins to question whether he has relapsed.
It is when he begins to see his brother Alex who is supposed to be in prison that he realizes that he has lost it.
Spoiler alert: His brother is actually real and has broken out of jail.
The only question is, why does he hide from his brother?
Okay wait, there are more questions.
His brother allegedly burned down in prison but Tom was never informed.
The phone through which Tom’s presence in the house is detected is in the kitchen and yet Tom chooses to sleep in a room so far away from the phone that he must run to pick it up before the tenth ring is over. Why not pick a room closer to the phone?
Lynn has issues of her own which is why she sympathizes with Tom. She finds one article in the newspaper about a girl and isn’t freaked out about the incident that caused Alex to be sent to jail and Tom to an institution. The brothers were accused of murdering a girl and she was okay with hanging around the house all alone even when Tom pretty much throws her out of the house on every occasion.
As it turns out, Alex was the murderer of Tom’s crush. He handcuffs Tom when he drowns her which is why Tom loses it. Alex is caught when he tries to murder another girl and so the police think that Tom, whose DNA shouldn’t have been in the second crime scene, should be punished as well.
Anyway, Alex claims he does this because Tom cannot do what he really wants to do and it was their father’s sick blood that caused them to be psychos.
Tom thinks that their mother abandoning them has caused their inappropriate behavior. Well, it turns out that their mother never left them and is in fact keep imprisoned in a tunnel under the pool near the safe. Oh, and their mother’s tongue is cut out and kept in a jar in the swimming pool controls.
So apparently their father was a sick man.
In the end, Alex tries to murder Lynn, Tom intervenes and is once again handcuffed. He breaks free and fights him off. Alex kills the mother who doesn’t die on the spot and when the pool leaks and floods the tunnels, uses her chains to strangle Alex.
As Tom leaves the house with Lynn the police ask him if it is his house to which he replies that it is now.
This is an interesting tale with a mind bending concept. Does Tom really see what is real or is he hallucinating?
However, the various plot holes hamper the storyline  and it doesn’t make sense how anyone seems to be able to enter the mansion.
The horror parts could have been more intensifying especially when the mother is shown to be alive.

Scare scale: 2/5


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