Flight 7500-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Travelling by air can be scary to some, especially those who are claustrophobic. For these few, being trapped in a box elevated at thousands of feet, can cause severe anxiety.
For others, air travel is the quickest means to reach a destination. Being on a plane isn't the scariest thing at all. Sure, there could be malfunctions causing a plane to crash. But that thought barely flies through the mind, because the probability of that happening is comparatively lower.
Plus, we all travel in airlines that have safety records, right?
Okay, but what if there is a supernatural being on board? What then?
Flight 7500 brings a new terror to air travel. One of the passengers is carrying tubes of human hair. Yes, apart from sharp objects, there can be something more dangerous. In this case, souls trapped in glass tubes.
Why didn't screening catch this? No idea. Apparently items that contribute to supernatural rituals are acceptable.
So anyway, the flight takes off, and we are introduced to various dilemmas faced by the crew and the passengers. A stewardess is pregnant, a couple are fighting, and there is a thief on board.
Minutes into the flight, the man carrying the strange wooden box containing the aforementioned weird glass tubes, suddenly dies.
Rather than turning back, the pilot orders all the first class passengers to move into economy. Hopefully tee passengers will get some refund later on, right? First class tickets are expensive.
Minutes later, the cabin pressure drops, and the pilot is unable to contact the control tower.
Meanwhile, the thief decides to go steal from the dead body.
Soon after, the stewardess finds the thief and the body missing, only for the deceased man's face to appear on laptops and TV screens.
The passengers group when one of the stewardess goes missing. Apparently, she was pulled into the toilet. Remember the legend of Hanako-san and Aka Manto?
Yes, well, it's getting creepier by the day to go to public toilets.
Back to the story, the passengers search the dead guy's belongings and find human hair and a doll.
Not surprisingly, there is someone in the group who knows exactly what it is.
It is a shinigami, a being who collects souls after people die but only if they are ready to let go of their troubles or whatever unresolved issues that is tethering them to the world.
This information causes the passengers to have an epiphany and the couple breaks up.
Shortly after, more people start to disappear. One of them sees a fighter jet flying by but can't contact them.
The screens on board suddenly come on and instead of a movie, it is the news channel, explaining that their flight suffered a cabin pressure malfunction and that everyone is dead. The fighter jet had flown close to check on the passengers but saw only dead people.
The passengers find their dead bodies and resolve their issues.
The plane crashes into the ocean.
The end? Nope. A hand pops up and claims another victim.

All in all, Flight 7500 is an entertaining movie with an interesting story to tell. But is it scary? Not really.
And the second you see the cabin pressure fail and a fighter jet, you know things are not going to end well for the passengers.

Scare scale: 2.5/5


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