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Ouija House— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Why is it that most characters in horror flicks, utter this dialogue at least once: don’t worry, everything is going to be fine. 

You know the minute someone says that, everything is not going to be fine. And in the Ouija House, this dialogue is spoken twice. Yup, nothing is going to go right. 

The movie starts on low expectations. There have been plenty of movies on the ouija board, this seems just like another perfunctory addition to a long list. The credits come on with the opening scene and of course, that is as cheesy as it gets. The girl wants to play with the ouija board, the guy is hesitant but goes along with it. Then there’s the friend whose only purpose is to belittle the activity but goes along with it and then ends up being the first victim. 

The girl seems to be the only one who survives. 

Cut to the present, and the girl now has a grown up daughter who does whatever it takes to save her mother from being evicted. She thinks her book deal on witchcraft will solve their financial problems. 

She gets her friends to go along with it and they too readily agree to participate in odd rituals and summon the spirits. There’s the unnecessary added drama of the boyfriend making out with her best friend that doesn’t add much to the story. 

The girl meets up with her cousin who is inserted into the story for no reason at all. She solves no purpose and doesn’t help the characters in any way. And oh yes, the characters keep referring to the house as really old when the architectural design seems fairly modern and the interior is absolutely clean in spite of the fact that the protagonist keeps saying that no one has been allowed in. 

The game is played, some weird things happen and it is revealed that Laurie’s and Samantha’s ancestors were good witches who unwittingly brought in a man who was evil. The good witches managed to subdue him by feeding him a rock through which he had become powerful, then trapped him in the house that, as it is revealed later, is a giant ouija board.

That is when the title starts to make sense. 

After a game of ouija which creeps everyone out, the friends decide to give it another go but this time, Tina decides to use lipstick to write letters on her body. 
The friends are so bored and weird they don’t mind using their friend as a ouija board. Of course something creepy happens again. Samantha has gone missing at this point but Laurie is more interested in playing with her friends. 

They use a rock as a planchette on Tina’s body and the spirit, who is actually the warlock come back to take revenge, makes the friends push the rock into Tina’s mouth. The friends don’t stop themselves and Tina keeps her mouth wide open for this to happen. She chokes, apparently dies and resurrects. 

Her eyes become milky, though and she growls and rushes at walls to bang her head. That is when Laurie realizes the demon wants to play a game and wants them to find the letters hidden behind the paint.

They use Tina as a detector and find the anagrams only to get it wrong every time. Or perhaps the demon Roka is cheating. We will never know for sure. 

This part is actually interesting and you scold yourself for thinking this movie is bad. The concept was different regardless of the various plot holes. 

The next victim is Laurie’s boyfriend. Then Tina dies. Laurie, along with Spence realize the only way to stop the demon is by hiding the letters of his name. In the meantime, Laurie’s mother has suffered a seizure, her friend Tomas has died, and Samantha’s body is found. 

The friends manage to escape the house and we cut to three months later where Laurie is working two jobs and has taken a loan from Spence to save her mother’s house. Everything is going fine until Laurie’s mother starts banging he head on the wall and charges at her daughter. 


At this point, you’ve lowered your expectations again.

The movie did have a nice concept though it was poorly executed. The only scary part in the movie was the cat wall clock. Somehow, it’s roving eyes gives me the chills. But it is a blink and miss scene. 

Scare scale: 2.5/5


  1. Worst horror I've seen. Something went seriously wrong in the production of this movie. Its just looks awful. Do not waste your time.
    I watched in hindi dubbed version atleast it was fun listening to hindi here:


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