Slender Man— My take on the movie with spoilers!

"You better be careful of Slender Man may catch you."

The first time I heard this from a friend, I had no idea who Slender Man was and I immediately did a quick research on him. At that time, all I saw was an image of a faceless man in a business suit.

The second time was because of the infamous case that involved two young girls. I searched for Slender Man yet again and found an image of him with tentacles sprouting on his back.

The thing about this fictional being is, it doesn't have a proper backstory, only an appearance. Over the years, it has been imaginative minds that have made up creepy stories about Slender Man and yes, they are more frightening than the movie.

The main problem with the movie was that it couldn't quite define how they wanted the monster Slender Man to be. They could have gone many ways with this and instead, ends up being a lackluster story that doesn't make sense.

In one version of the story, Slender Man is thought to lure children and then takes them away. In another, Slender Man drives a person mad by getting into their heads. In yet another version, Slender Man corrupts young minds into doing heinous acts.

The creators could have picked any of these versions but instead end up picking the most tired formula of all: four friends, bored during their get together, summon Slender Man.

Yes, this again. I'll never understand why they show teenagers summoning demons in movies. What is the point? It'll go two ways only. Either the ritual doesn't work and the teenagers look like complete idiots trying to summon evil, or it does work and this supernatural evil being slaughters them all.

So why would they show teens doing this? There isn't any other activity to do? Gossip to be shared? Movies or Tv shows to watch? No? Okay, then by all means play creepy videos and summon these creatures to chase you down. Yay, fun. (Sarcasm)

Anyway, the four friends hardly seem like friends. They are shown at the get together laughing, but at what? There's no joke told or gossip shared. They are laughing one minute, the next, they want to do what the guys in their class is doing at their get together: summon Slender Man.

They go online, watch a video where the ritual to call Slender Man is. The video is reminiscent of The Ring. Creepy images flash and we are led to believe that the girls have unwittingly summoned Slender Man.

Soon enough, while on a school trip, one of the friends disappears. The girls are literally walking together when one of them stops to look at trees. The others don't stop for her or drag her along. Nope, they just walk ahead leaving her staring and freaking out about something.

No one can find the friend and one night, her father breaks into another friend's house and accuse her of corrupting his daughter and getting her interested in the occult.

The three remaining friends decide they want to be amazing friends and put their lives in danger yet again. They summon Slender Man again, this time sacrificing their precious belongings. All they have to do, is not open their eyes until the third toll is heard.

But of course, one of them does, disappears for a few minutes and returns with a vapid expression on her face. Yes, she has gone crazy.

The two remaining friends get into an argument about one being more interested in dating boys than finding their friends. One of them has a sister who is overly eager to join the group to the point she helps in summoning Slender Man.

She ends up in the hospital, and the one determines friend is kidnapped by the Slender Man. Before she is taken, she announces that Slender Man wants them.

The last remaining friend realizes that the only way she can save her sister is by giving Slender Man something precious: her.

She is taken to the forest where Slender Man, who shapeshifts into a tree, pulls her in and engulfs her.

The sister is safe and narrates how such stories should never be given importance and therefore give strength to the monsters.

The fact that so many questions are left unanswered is why this movie is difficult to enjoy.

What does Slender Man truly want? What are his powers? If he is known to lure children then why go after these girls? One of them wanted to stay the same age and escape her horrible situation at home. So is Slender Man taking care of her now or is she dead an another tree in the forest?

And what is that gate in the forest? Was there a house once upon a time that had that gate? Was that where Slender Man used to live?

So many questions and a movie that is inadequate. Not scary, and not entertaining.

Scare scale: 1.5/5 


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