The Intruders-- My take on the movie (with spoilers)

There used to be a time when the only things you had to look for when moving into a new house were whether or not the neighbourhood was good and relatively crime-free, if the rent of property was competitive and the house itself was free of vermin and mould.
Now it seems that you have to check for another, rather important feature- the house must be free of former occupants as well.
Imagine being watched all the time and having your privacy invaded. Webcams on laptops and phones already pose a hacking risk. Now imagine that whoever is indulging in this voyeuristic activity is living right in your home.

Pretty creepy thought, isn't it?

The Intruders begins with a father and daughter moving into a new home after the tragic demise of Rose's mother. She hates the house and misses her old home, no surprise there and another horror movie cliche. The father seems indifferent and spends more time restoring the house than being emotionally available for his grieving daughter.
Rose develops a relationship with one of the workers and the petulant neighbour's daughter. It is when she learns that a girl who used to live in the house had disappeared that Rose begins to suspect her neighbour. Her father doesn't side with her and believes that his daughter maybe spiralling into schizophrenia.
Rose is adamant that something weird is going on and obviously no one believes her. It is then that it is revealed that the murderer has been living in Rose's basement all this time!

The Intruders could have been a creepier movie experience for the audience, except the proceedings are slow and the concept of being spied on isn't depicted as harrowing.
The one thing I kept wondering about throughout the movie was why the family hadn't verified the house they were moving into.
Even if the father was too eager to work on restoring the house, surely he must have had the sense to give the house a thorough check before proceeding with his work. Did he really not notice a hidden door in the basement where the creep was apparently hiding? And a maniacal killer at that!
This movie definitely throws light on how important it is to do your research. Moving into a new house? Talk to the neighbours and find out if there are any ghosts or killers habitants of your new house.


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