Bed of the Dead-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Consider this: You go to a hotel, climb onto the bed and realize you can’t get down. Because the minute you touch the wooden framework of the bed and you touch the floor, you will be punished for your wrongdoings.

At first, the premise seems really ridiculous. Really? You can’t get down from the bed or you’ll die?

Nevertheless, I was bored, so I continued even as the first scene did little to impress me. Discordant music plays, a man is struggling as two men bring him to a tall, narrow tree that doesn’t look like it could weather a gust of wind. Still, he is hung and stabbed multiple times. The branch does not break.

In the next scene, a woodcutter or carpenter cuts down the tree and begins making furniture out of it. In this case, a bed frame. He even makes a weird symbol in the center that looks like a tree or wispy hands holding each other. At this point, you wonder where the wood from your bed came from.

The movie progresses to a group of four friends who are in a club/hotel and looking for a room. Room number 18 is the one with the bed that has the carved symbol on it. The four friends get on the bed and unnecessary nudity is thrown in, not from the main characters.

They all fall asleep and in the middle of the night, one of them gets up, sees a dog and is instantly pulled under the bed and killed. The three friends scream and quickly realize that they can’t get off the bed as there might be something underneath. A vodka bottle thrown at the window, causes it to be put together again and the bottle to stand on the nightstand.

One of the girls have a lighter in her pocket but for some reason, all of them had chosen to charge their phones on a table out of reach.

While all this is going on, we see the police called to investigate a fire incident at the club. Now it becomes apparent that the friends are caught in an alternate reality because the policeman is investigating their deaths.


At this point, the movie does get a little watchable and the ridiculous concept of not being able to get out of bed seems less ridiculous. As it is slowly revealed, the bed is some sort of punisher. The friends are responsible for deaths in some way or another. Not the smoker girl of course.

When their next-door pervert enters their room, he too is quickly disposed of by the bed by way of weird hallucinations. Fortunately, he drops his phone and the girls gather it up by using a pillow for a hook.

This seemed a little unnecessary at this point. If the girls were supposed to get hold of a phone, why not let them have their own? After all, it wasn’t exactly believable that everyone’s phone had died at the same time and that none of them had it in their pockets or on the nightstand. The death of another sinner seemed pointless and added just to increase screen time.

Moving on, the detective receives that call explains that he’s in the same room but in his reality, he’s two hours ahead. Sandy needs to prove she is who she says she is and scratches her name on the bed frame. The detective knows now she’s telling the truth and tries to find a way to help her while at the same time, wrestling his own demons.

Turns out, he killed a black youngster by mistake and is unable to live with himself even after he was acquitted. Now we know how the bed behaves toward sinners so the detective’s outcome is inevitable. No spoilers there.

Meanwhile, the two girls left are pitted against each other when one of them hallucinates the other seducing her boyfriend. She is literally hit on the head to bring some sense. When she awakens, she reveals how she deserves to be punished because she pulled the plug on her verbally abusive mother.

Of course, she hallucinates her mother and has every bone in her body broken. At this point, there is less carpet on the floor and more gushing blood. The detective reaches the lone survivor who is getting ready to immolate herself. He lets her know over the phone how the reason she was able to make contact with him because she could be saved. Her boyfriend had died protecting her and she had no reason to feel guilty about it. Turns out, she could have gotten off the bed all along.

Imagine if she had known this from the beginning and was able to call for help. Or imagine if the friends had grouped together and ran to the door at the same time, would they have been attacked at the same time?

Sandy escapes and the detective finds himself in the same predicament when he calls his partner only for him to reveal that he is standing over his dead body. The detective turns to find his victim standing behind him and knows that he had actually touched the bed while seeking evidence and was now going to be punished. The fact that he could make the call means he had a choice too.

It is up to the viewer to decide whether he chose to punish himself for what he did or that the bed too thought he was innocent and gave him the option to save himself.

In the end, the blood is cleaned off, the bed is removed from the hotel and is put up for auction. Apparently, people are just dying to get their hands on the cursed bed. In my opinion, the bed was really ugly.

This movie is a decent watch though you would question its logic at various times.

Scary scale: 2/5


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