Cult of Chucky-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

One thing can be said with absolute certainty of this year’s movies: Stories are what make successful movies.
It doesn’t matter if a big star is attached to a project or the elements of various successful movies are coalesced into making one, without a good story, both Hollywood and Bollywood, saw a sharp decline in business.

Good stories, good writing, is essential. Period.

While making sequels, plots can become thin and the filmmakers often rely on the “cult” following of a franchise for the movie to work. The characters, then, become caricatures. The frightening scenes tend to become unnecessarily gory. The story makes no sense.

Fortunately, even after all these years, the Chucky movies, are still not stale. They may not be for everyone, and it does become unintentionally funny at times and even absurd, but for fans of the series, it is another movie that slides right into place.

It has all the elements of the franchise- the creepy doll, the vicious girlfriend Tiffany, the mindless killing and the gimmicky get away.

The movie begins with Andy, the little boy in Child’s play, who is all grown up and struggling in the dating world. After being dumped by a woman who had researched him online, and knew all about his freaky history, Andy goes back home to a half-blown-up Chucky head. Depressingly, that is his only companion.
Meanwhile, Nica, the woman from the previous part, is shown to be in a mental asylum, charged for killing her family. Of course, Chucky was behind it all but no one believes her. The doctor eventually brings a Good Guy doll, as a therapy aid, and one of the other patients takes a liking to it, much to Nica’s horror.
The doll comes to life, which comes as a little surprise because, then, what was that head thing in Andy’s safe?
Turns out, Chucky is using a spell to awaken other dolls like him and has them go after whoever he gets interested in. Why doesn’t he kill a paraplegic woman? That’s because Chucky wants to possess her, as it is revealed later on.
The killings happen in the most outlandish manner. There is blood, lots of it, but not enough to make you want to vomit at the sight of it. Decapitations, smashing of skulls. there’s a lot more of it and all of it looks implausible and at times, even comical.

Andy, having heard of the bizarre happenings at the asylum, commits himself too. But he has a plan. He has sent one of the Chucky dolls, with a weird haircut, in. And inside it, he has hidden a gun. Andy manages to get a kill but is locked in the asylum.

Meanwhile, Nica is possessed by the spirit of Chucky and walks out of the asylum, joining Tiffany. For a second, we see Tiffany feel remorseful for being part of a girl being after she too was possessed by Chucky. But that is only momentarily.

The film ends with a woman enter Andy’s house with a knife, come to torture Chucky’s deformed head. She is revealed to be Andy’s foster sister Kyle.

The film had some interesting moments but one can’t help but wonder where are all the dolls coming from. How is that a doll, that was manufactured decades ago, still available? Where are they finding at least three Good Guy dolls? Especially considering it was linked to all those bizarre murders?

Anyway, one can’t help but not hate Chucky that much. He’s evil and murderous, but its doll face sort of has a likable quality to it. He’s spouting curse words and that makes you laugh. He lunges at his victim and you snicker because, seriously, it’s a doll! How is it not easily overpowered?

But that’s the thing about the Chucky movies. It’s so weird, you watch it if only for a giggle or two.  


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