Little Evil - - My take on the movie with spoilers!

Little Evil, is a little funny and not at all scary. It's a family movie with elements of horror thrown in and blanketed with wry humour. You've heard of evil step mothers and fathers, well here comes an evil step son. Gary's thinks he's met the girl of his dreams when he meets Samantha and after marriage, he looks forward to bonding with his stepson Lucas. However things don't go right for him, as we find out first things first in the opening scene. Lucas has buried Gary in a wooden box and Samantha, frantic but remembering she loves her son, only threatens to ground him. Gary, when he his rescued, immediately asks for a divorce. Then the movie takes us back a week to show the events that lead to this incident. There is a lot going on after the dismal and odd wedding that no one talks about and we are left to guess what happened. If the videographer hadn't called with a strange message to meet him soon, we would have been frustrated by now with all the characters talking about the weird wedding but leaving us in suspense as to what they were alluding to. Turns out there was a tornado at the wedding and right before it hits, the priests starts to speak in tongues. The videographer manages to decode the strange message and it turns out that he was speaking in reverse and conned Gary into vowing to protect Lucas. By now, Gary has started to suspect that Lucas is no ordinary boy. And he's not. It doesn't matter that he goes to a support group for exasperated stepdads, nothing gives him solace from his problems and his wife keeps reminding him that he's made no effort to bond with the son. When it becomes obvious that Lucas is the antichrist through events where people keep getting hurt and claiming the boy got into their heads, Gary finds the only weapon to get rid of the antichrist. Problem is, Gary can't go ahead with it. His work colleague and therapy partner insists that he kill Lucas or have the world be threatened by his presence. Seeing no other choice, Gary takes Lucas to a waterpark on the pretext of spending time together. Only, he has ends up having actual fun with Lucas and can't go ahead with it. He saves Lucas and Gary tells him that it is not too late for him and that he can save himself by making the right choice. Before anything can happen, Lucas is kidnapped by the beings who want the devil to possess him, the leader of which is the priest who has bought a church from Gary. He saves his stepson and the movie ends with everything falling into place for Gary who is finally happily bonding with Lucas. Little Evil is only a little fun to watch. It could have been a lot lit funnier and the "scary" scenes could have been impactful rather than corny. Also, the bonding scene in the water park seemed too convenient. Lucas doesn't go near Gary, and is now suddenly, holding hands and playing with him? Little Evil is the kind of movie to watch when you have a craving for a modest comedy horror movie.


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