Unfolding Nightmare

Excerpt from Forest of the Dark 

 “Sir, should we kill him?”
Dhiraj scrambled to his feet. “N-n-no p-please don’t! I’ll do anything you ask me to!”
The man lowered his torch and in the moonlight, Dhiraj saw the tall stout man give him a grin. He had straight hair that was combed to side and a long bushy mustache. He was dressed in a maroon shirt with a white tasseled scarf and black pants.
Quiet!” he screamed. “You are not allowed to speak until I tell you too. Do you understand?”
Y-yes...” Dhiraj nodded quickly.
You do know who Sumit is, don’t you?”
One of the men pushed him in the back. “You weren’t given permission to speak, and keep your eyes down.”
Dhiraj immediately obeyed and shook his head, then nodded.
The man, who was apparently the leader, came over and tugged at his hair, pulling his head back. Dhiraj groaned and was rewarded with a slap on his mouth.
He growled. “Did you know Sumit had a nefarious uncle?”
I...” Dhiraj shook his head.
The man pushed him down on his knees again and slapped him again. “You were responsible for my nephew’s, death weren’t you!”
Dhiraj spat out blood and shook his head fervently.
Do not lie to me!” The man said. “I’m a fugitive from the law. I’ve killed many people—younger and stronger than you.”
Please!” Dhiraj clasped his hands together. “Let me go.”
Did you kill him?”
No, No it wasn’t me!” Dhiraj begged.
Give him the shovel!” He told the other man.
Dhiraj was made to clasp his hands around the shovel’s handle.
Now get up and start digging,” He said.
Please let me go!” Dhiraj implored, tears swimming in his eyes. “I didn’t kill him. I swear I didn’t.”
Then who did?” He screamed. “Give me a name!”
Dhiraj gulped, remembering that day in the hospital when he had come to get his hand looked at. He had seen Sumit’s body being taken away to the morgue while Aksh had watched the whole scene with what he thought looked like culpability.
Tell me who killed him or I’ll blow your brains out.” The cold metal was back against his temples.

Find out what happens to Dhiraj next. 

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