For writers, creativity is usually on strike causing days and weeks to go by without a single word typed on a page.
A writer is inherently creative but in order for that creativity to flow and function as an articulate piece, motivation is keenly desired and required.
Writing can seem like a tedious task without motivation and it's not easy for the writer to deal with a creativity block.
So why do writers sometimes suffer from lack of motivation? 
Well, most of it has to do with how well their previous writing pieces or books have been received by their audience. If they've made good sales on their books or appreciated for their hard work, they will jump back into writing their next masterpiece.

A negative review or a lack of response to their articles and posts will discourage the writer and they will be disinclined to return to their writing.
Other times , receiving feedback in no way impacts the writer's motivation. Sometimes it's a dry spell the writer inadvertently goes through between writing books. They've just finished working on a lengthy compelling novel and can't shake off the euphoric feeling that arises from the satisfaction of creating such a surreal world - one that they are in no hurry to give up on yet. Then, working on a completely different story and genre may not seem too appealing to the writer who has just written such brillinatly well-etched characters living a story that thrusts important lessons to be learned in their lives.
A reason for demotivation also stems from good ol' creative block in which the writer stumbles into a plot that can't be easily written or solved to take the story forward. Thinking a way out of that quagmire of a plot point may seem impossible or tiresome.
What puts the wheels of motivation back on the roads?
For me it's meeting deadlines. Or I create one for myself. Giving myself just a few days to complete my work pressurizes my creative juices into flowing again since I'm a stickler for completing and submitting my work on time. Sometimes even before the stipulated deadline.
For instance, my laptop broke down just as I was about to go on vacation and right when I was in the middle of my newest romantic thriller. Knowing that a month would pass by without any writing getting done while I'm holidaying, and the fact that I ran the risk of losing interest in the story, I set a strict timetable for myself. I forced myself to write a whole chapter everyday- most of which was typed on the notes feature of my phone!
I managed to complete my manuscript just a day before I was due to fly out. Being pressed for time and scaring myself for losing out on a potentially good story, worked and I was able to complete my work. 
And that is motivation for me! 


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