Why do I write Horror?

Someone once asked me why I wrote horror and why do I prefer watching  horror movies?
At that time my answer was 'because it's a challenge scaring people when each of us have different reasons to fear something'

Over time, I've come to realize that the reason I enjoy everything horror is not only because I am amazed by the concept of life after death, but also because more often than not, each story consists of at least one character showing the courage to stand up against something that scares them.
No matter how dangerous or frightening the entity is, the only way out is through. And that means gathering up the guts to fight off something that threatens to destroy you and your happiness.
Even if there are failures, these characters never give up, even if they run the risk of losing their lives.
It takes great strength to stand when you've fallen down a million times.
So yes, these stories: cheesy, repetitive, clichéd... However they are, to me, they represent the courage to face your "demons" every day.


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