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Sinfully Stupid Seven-- Excerpt

When seven high school students fail their finals, it gives three bumbling scientists a chance to try their new experiment on them.

All the students have to do is pass the test.
All the scientists have to do is, inject them with the right serum.
But of course, nothing goes according to plan.

Excerpt from Sinfully Stupid Seven 

Genio knew he wasn’t even supposed to be here. He didn’t belong with these dimwits although he would never use the term ‘dimwit’ aloud, especially in front of sweet Jane. He turned around to glance at the girl sitting quietly at the back and speaking to her best friend Sharon who was a quiet little mouse of a girl.
Behind him, Ricky let out a laugh as he and his girlfriend, Tisha, joked about something stupid. Behind them were another couple—Lucy and Neil. They were both school athletes, competing in almost every sport. Right now, they were training for the marathon. Neil was doing push-ups while Lucy was doing stretches before she began her squats.
Genio checked the time. Fifteen minutes had passed since they were locked in this room at their high school administrator’s behest. He got up and walked right over to the scientists, adjusting his tie as he did and pushing up his dark-rimmed glasses.
“Hello,” He pushed himself into their little huddle. “I wanted to make sure that I was really supposed to be here. I mean, my name was on the list and the school did call my parents, but are you sure?” Genio poked his head in the direction of his classmates. “I’m not like them at all. I’m pretty smart actually.”
One of the scientists picked up a sheet of paper. “Your name?”
“Genio,” he said with a wide grin.
“You’re right. Your name isn’t on the list,” he was told in an offhand manner.
Genio sighed as he took a look at the list himself. “Actually...” he pointed a finger at the name written on the fifth line, “That’s me. My parents named me Jack. It’s such a simple name and doesn’t do justice at all to my intellectual capacity. They’re simple folk, not too smart. They thought that maybe I was dumb as well so they put me in this school, but I mean, come on...” He gestured to his clothes. “I even dress smart to match my intelligence.”
“Uh-huh,” The scientist narrowed his eyes. He picked up a file with a sticker on it that said Jack. “It says here that you failed your math exam. Your failing grades, along with the others, put the school in the danger zone. When a school doesn’t have students performing adequately, they don’t receive funding and are closed down. Our experiment increases the intelligence of students so that they perform well.”
“Yes, but see, I don’t need it.” Genio shrugged. “I’m smart. That day I wasn’t feeling well. You see, my parents didn’t read the expiration date on that instant chicken pasta and I ended up having food poisoning.”
“Hmm, the paper was covered in vomit.” The scientist said, irritably.
“Yes, but I completed it,” Genio said, proudly. “Unlike the others.”
“Go sit down,” Another scientist intervened. “We are ready.”

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